Scientists Find Promising New Approach to Preventing Progression of Breast Cancer

The Felding lab has developed a simple treatment that inhibits cancer progression and prolongs life when tested in mice.

Letter from the Board

“The Board of Trustees is both excited and confident about Scripps’ future,” Gephardt writes.

Study Shows How Brain Cells Shape Temperature Preferences

A study from the Tomchik lab shows that a complex set of overlapping neuronal circuits work in concert to drive temperature preferences.

Noted Vaccine and Bioinformatics Researcher Joins Faculty

Jiang Zhu, who has a diverse research program, joins TSRI from the National Institutes of Health.

Ron Davis Wins $3.5 million Jacob K. Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award

The seven-year grant will support Davis’s work on the complex biology of memory formation and the disorders that disrupt it.

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  • Scientists Uncover a New Pathway that Regulates Information Processing in the Brain
  • Scientists Uncover Secrets of How Intellect and Behavior Emerge During Childhood
  • Team Reveals Key Protein Interactions Involved in Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Meth Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Early Tests
  • Research Suggests Caution and Further Studies on Drugs Used to Treat Macular Degeneration
  • Study Suggests Binge Drinking Could Cause Significant Brain Impairment Within Months
  • Researchers Pinpoint Gene Variations Linked to Higher Risk of Bipolar Disorder
  • Scientists Devise New Screening Method to Aid RNA Drug Development Research
  • The Smell of Mom: Scientists Find Elusive Trigger of First Suckling in Mice