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TSRI Scientists Discover Mechanism that Turns Mutant Cells into Aggressive Cancers The research also suggests a possible way to kill these types of tumors.
TSRI Researchers Show Experience Plays Powerful Role in Early Stages of Brain Circuit Development The findings also have implications for drug development.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Show Commonly Prescribed Painkiller Slows Cancer Growth The new study in animal models focused on the effects of celecoxib (Pfizer’s Celebrex®).
Harnessing Nature’s Vast Array of Venoms for Drug Discovery TSRI chemists have developed a method to isolate and analyze venoms, opening the door to new, more potent therapeutics.
TSRI Celebrates 24th CommencementThirty-six students received PhDs and an honorary degree was awarded to renowned molecular biologist and biochemist Phillip A. Sharp.
Scripps Florida Scientists Pioneer a Breakthrough Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment A new drug candidate successfully targets cancer-causing RNA.
Scientists Design Potent Therapeutic 'Warheads' That Target Cancer Cells The molecules can detect a key biomarker of cancer and could be developed into a potent new class of drug candidates.
Team Streamlines Biomedical Research by Making Genetic Data Easier to Search With MyGene.info and MyVariant.info, researchers around the world have a faster way to spot new connections between genes and disease.
Scientists Find Root Cause of Appetite Loss During IllnessThe discovery opens the door to new therapies influencing appetite and weight.
'An Excellent Time for Neuroscience': An Interview with Hollis ClineProfessor Hollis Cline was recently appointed chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience and director of the Dorris Neuroscience Center at TSRI.
New Method Enlists Electricity for Easier, Cheaper, Greener Chemistry In contrast to traditional methods, the new technique is easily scalable and uses only inexpensive, safe chemicals, along with old-fashioned electrochemistry—driving a reaction with an electric current.
Wellderly Study Suggests Link Between Genes That Protect Against Cognitive Decline and Overall Healthy Aging The first results from the Scripps Translational Science Institute's Wellderly study have been published by the journal Cell.
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