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Scripps Research Institute Chemist Jin-Quan Yu Wins MacArthur FellowshipThe $625,000 "genius" grant comes with no strings attached.
TSRI Study Illuminates How Mystery MS Drug WorksThe powerful new research tool reveals how Tecfidera® blocks t-cell activation.
TSRI Study Suggests Disordered Protein 'Shape Shifts' to Avoid Crowding The study brings physics and biology together.
c difficile
TSRI Study Suggests Repurposed Deworming Drugs Could Combat C. Difficile Epidemic The serendipitous discovery points to a possible treatment for a potentially fatal intestinal infection.
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TSRI Scientists Discover Antibodies that Target Holes in HIV's Defenses The new findings could lead to new AIDS vaccine candidates.
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Team Harnesses Antibody Evolution on the Path to an AIDS VaccineA new vaccination strategy could jump-start the selection and evolution of broadly effective antibodies to prevent HIV infection.
Yu group
New Method Makes Building ‘One-Handed’ Drugs Easier than EverThe new method is already being adopted by pharmaceutical researchers.
george et al
Team Reverses Alcohol Dependence in Animal ModelsThe new approach specifically targets alcohol-linked neurons.
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Researchers Shed New Light on the Role of Calcium in Learning and MemoryCalcium in mitochondria—the powerhouse of all cells—can impact the development of the brain.
Study Supports Strategy of Series of Shots to Vaccinate Against AIDSResearchers move closer to understanding the sequence of "priming," "boosting" and "cocktail" injections needed to fight HIV.
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Scientists Take Big Step Toward Recreating Primordial 'RNA World' of Four Billion Years Ago Scientists have been attempting this feat for decades.
Researchers Find Potential Treatment for 'Painful Blindness' Form of Dry EyeThe study finds lacrimal glands can be repaired by injecting a kind of regenerative “progenitor” cell.
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