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Scientists Take Big Step Toward Recreating Primordial 'RNA World' of Four Billion Years Ago Scientists have been attempting this feat for decades.
Researchers Find Potential Treatment for 'Painful Blindness' Form of Dry EyeThe study finds lacrimal glands can be repaired by injecting a kind of regenerative “progenitor” cell.
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Study Supports New Strategy to Fight Cocaine Addiction The team was able to reverse signs of cocaine dependency in animal models.
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Researchers Find ‘Lead Actors’ in Immune Cell DevelopmentThe study sheds light on causes of autoimmune disease.
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Team Finds 'Missing Evolutionary Link' of a Widely Used Natural Drug Source The study elucidates the structure of proteins that synthesize “terpenoids,” as well as advancing drug discovery by facilitating their future engineering.
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New Study Shines Light on Mutations Responsible for Debilitating Heart ConditionsThe new insights could aid in the development of drug therapies to strengthen the hearts of patients suffering from age-related heart failure.
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TSRI and NIH Scientists Show Molecule in Brain May Drive Cocaine AddictionBlocking hypocretin may reduce compulsive drug-seeking behavior.
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TSRI Scientists Pinpoint Ebola’s Weak SpotsThe new study illuminates the structure of a mystery protein.
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A Profile of Xiang-Lei Yang
Starting from basic biology, the Yang lab sheds light on an incurable disease.
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