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TSRI and Calibr Sign Strategic Affiliation to Accelerate the Development of New MedicinesThe agreement lays the foundation for an evergreen biomedical research model.
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Scientists Uncover Why Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine Has Been Difficult to MakeThe findings reveal unusual flexibility in the protein target.
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International Team Unveils First Atomic-Level Image of the Human ‘Marijuana Receptor’The discovery advances the understanding of how marijuana works in the human body.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Uncover New Facets of Zika-Related Birth Defects to Help Develop TreatmentNeural cell death much is greater when the brain is growing rapidly.
Decoding Emotions and the Brain: A Profile of Lisa StowersThe work of Professor Lisa Stowers aims to reveal the fundamental wiring of the brain, knowledge that can then be used to shed light on brain disease.
TSRI and STSI Scientists Use ‘Molecular Autopsies’ to Find Clues to Sudden DeathThe findings could help living relatives understand their own risk.
Grant to TSRI-Led Consortium Expands to $207 Million The consortium's responsibility broadens for enrolling participants into the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program.
TSRI Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Skaggs Institute The Skaggs family’s gift of $100 million in 1996 was transformative; the family’s total giving to the institute now exceeds $130 million.
Scientists Identify Potent New Anti-Obesity, Anti-Diabetes TargetThe Chakraborty lab has found a mechanism to enhance energy expenditure.
News from the Primordial World TSRI scientists find evidence for an alternate theory of how life arose.
Chemists Report Foundational New Chemical ReactionThe Shenvi lab invents a new method to generate and capture extremely reactive carbon radicals.
TSRI's Peter Schultz Wins Prestigious Heinrich Wieland PrizeThe award, presented by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, honors distinguished scientists for their outstanding research.
Scripps Research Institute Chemist Jin-Quan Yu Wins MacArthur FellowshipThe $625,000 "genius" grant comes with no strings attached.
TSRI Study Illuminates How Mystery MS Drug WorksThe powerful new research tool reveals how Tecfidera® blocks t-cell activation.
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