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Of Note

Oldstone, Sullivan Labs Receive Additional $3 Million for Study of Ebola, Lassa Fever Virus

A supplemental National Institutes of Health award of $3 million over two years was recently made to principal investigators Brian Sullivan and Michael B.A. Oldstone of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) to investigate the pathogenesis and immunity to the major hemorrhagic fever infections caused by Ebola and Lassa Fever viruses.

These funds enhance ongoing funding for a consortium from Tulane Medical School, the Broad Institute/Harvard Medical School and TSRI to evaluate human and viral genetics along with innate and adoptive immune responses to these infections.

Sandelman Travel Award Winners Announced

The 2016 Robert M. Sandelman Awards for Scientific Excellence, which support attendance at scientific conferences, were announced October 21 at Scripps Florida’s Research Fest: Scientific Symposium & Vendor Show.

Recipients of the travel grants are:

  • Ran Wang, a research associate in the Solt laboratory, has received $1,250 to present research at the Keystone Symposium on Immune Regulation in Autoimmunity and Cancer in Whistler, British Columbia, in March. Wang’s project is titled “The role of nuclear receptor RORα in TH17 cell development and TH17-driven inflammatory disorders.”
  • Mei Lan Chen, a graduate student in the Sundred laboratory, has also received $1,250 to present research at the Keystone Symposium in Whistler, British Columbia. Chen’s project is titled “Somatosensory cortex in a model of ASD/ID.”
  • Murat Kilinc, a graduate student in the Rumbaugh laboratory, has received $1,000 to present “SynGAP Guidance of Neocortical Circuit Assembly” at the Gordon Research Conference on Modulation of Neural Circuits & Behavior held in Maine in June.
  • Emin Ozkan, a research associate in the Rumbaugh laboratory, has received $1,000 to present “Transcriptional Regulation of Intestinal T Cell Adaptation” at the Big Questions in Neuroscience conference in San Diego in November.

Recognizing outstanding scientific achievement and accomplishment, the awards are funded through the Boca Raton-based Sandelman Foundation, established by sales promotion pioneer Robert Sandelman, founder of the first sales promotion agency in the United States and creator of the American Express Gold Card.

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