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Technology Cores and Services

One of the invaluable hallmarks of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is providing researchers and trainees with cutting-edge technology and outstanding scientific services, a tradition as prevalent on our established La Jolla campus as it is on the new Scripps Florida campus.

The extensive offering of scientific centers/cores provides research groups with access not only to the latest instrumentation, but also to knowledgeable, experienced staff with expertise in designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data. In many cases, core personnel can provide training to researchers and open access to available resources.

The links below point to information about each campus's technology cores and shared services. Some of these resources are available not only to TSRI scientists, but also to researchers at other institutions (see each center/core link for details on external availability and pricing).



Antibody Development & Production California campus  
Bioinformatics Core Florida campus
Cell Based High-Throughput Screening   Florida campus
The Center for Computational Biology (CCB) California campus Florida campus
DNA Array California campus  
Flow Cytometry California campus Florida campus
Genomics Florida campus
High Performance Computing California campus  
High Throughput Screening   Florida campus
Histology California campus Florida campus
Library California campus Florida campus
Mass Spectrometry & Metabolomics California campus  
Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics   Florida campus
Microscopy Core California Campus
Metabolic Core Florida campus
Molecular Screening Center   Florida campus
Murine Behavioral Assessment California campus Florida campus
Murine Genetics Core California campus  
Next Generation Sequencing California campus Florida campus
Normal Blood Donor Service California campus  
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance California campus Florida campus
Protein & Nucleic Acid Research California campus  
Scripps Energy & Materials Center Florida campus
X-Ray Crystallography California campus Florida campus