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Of Note

John Yates Receives Ralph N. Adams Biochemistry Award

John Yates, Ernest W. Hahn Professor at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), has received the 2015 Ralph N. Adams Award, recognizing significant contributions to the field of bioanalytical chemistry.

Established by the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon) in 2005, the Adams award specifically honors a scientist who has introduced a significant technique, theory, instrument or application important to the life sciences and has provided an exceptional environment to educate bioanalytical chemists. The award’s namesake, University of Kansas Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Ralph N. Adams was a renowned expert in electrochemistry and neurochemistry.

Yates was presented the award at the recent Pittcon conference in New Orleans. The conference and exposition annually attracts more than 16,000 attendees from more than 90 countries representing industry, academia and government. 

The Yates lab focuses on the development of integrated methods for tandem mass spectrometry analysis of protein mixtures, bioinformatics using mass spectrometry data and biological studies involving proteomics. For additional information, see Yates’s faculty webpage or lab website

Pasteur Institute Delegation Visits Scripps California

A delegation from the Pasteur Institute, a nonprofit biomedical research organization in Paris, France, recently met with TSRI faculty for a three-day exchange of introductions and scientific presentations.

Among the attendees were (left to right) TSRI Professor Luc Teyton; Jim Di Santo, Pasteur Institute scientific advisor; Jim Paulson, TSRI acting president and CEO; Christian Bréchot, Pasteur Institute president and CEO; Jaime Williamson, TSRI’s dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies; and Paul Lazarow, dean of Pasteur Institute’s PhD program. (Click for a large group photo of event participants.)

TSRI Campuses Host Prospective Students

They came from all corners of the United States and several foreign countries, from large highly regarded universities and small prestigious colleges. Nearly 200 undergraduate students attended this year’s recent student recruitment programs on the California and Florida campuses to meet TRSI faculty and explore the institution’s graduate program and facilities. 

Scripps California (top) hosted more than 120 graduate student candidates in two weekend sessions, while the Florida campus (bottom) welcomed a record number—63—prospective students. Activities included laboratory tours, faculty interviews, program presentations and informal networking opportunities.

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Professor John Yates has won Ralph N. Adams Award, recognizing significant contributions to the field of bioanalytical chemistry. (Photo by BioMedical Graphics.)