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John Yates Ranked #1 on ‘Power List’ of Analytical Scientists; Kurt Wüthrich Among Top 100

John Yates III, professor in the Department of Chemical Physiology at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), has been ranked number one on The Analytical Scientist Power List 2013, published by online and print publication The Analytic Scientist. In addition, Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel laureate and the Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Professor of Structural Biology at TSRI, was among the list’s top 100 most influential analytical scientists.

The list recognizes role models and thought leaders who have inspired change in their fields, according to Richard Gallagher, The Analytical Scientist’s editorial director. A panel of respected scientists and the publication’s editorial team determined the list’s members—an international array of noted researchers and CEOs—from nominations by the scientific community.

Yates developed software methods to search tandem mass spectrometry data for sequence databases, an accomplishment that also enabled the development of shotgun proteomics, which allows large-scale analysis of proteomes. Yates discussed his research in a News&Views feature. Additional information lab is available on Yates’s faculty webpage and lab website.

Wüthrich was cited for determining the first protein structure in solution. His 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for development of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules in solution. For further information on Wüthrich's research, visit his faculty webpage and lab website.

The complete 2013 Power List is available on the publication’s website.

Research Fest Showcases Scientific Talent, Recognizes Top Presentations

Research Fest 2013, the Scripps Florida Society of Research Fellows’ (SF-SRF) fourth annual Scientific Symposium and Vendor Show held October 24, provided the opportunity for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to showcase their scientific work. Attended by 250 faculty members, students and staff from TSRI, Max Planck Florida Institute, Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the event included five oral and 35 poster presentations and exhibits by more than 40 vendors.

Awards for distinguished presentations went to:

  • Guillaume Mousseau, Valente lab, “Potent Suppression of Tat-dependent HIV transcription by didehydro-Cortistatin A prevents latent HIV reactivation” (postdoctoral seminar category)
  • Homa Ghalei, Karbstein lab, “The casein kinase 1d homolog Hrr25 regulates 40S ribosome assembly by promoting the dissociation of the assembly factor Ltv1” (postdoctoral poster category)
  • Jing Zhao, Robbins lab, “The role of NF-κB in driving DNA damage-induced cellular senescence and aging” (graduate student seminar category)
  • Thu Ha Truong, Carroll lab, “Characterizing the role of Cys797 in redox-based regulation of EGFR” (graduate student poster category)

Research Fest organizers were Sietse Jonkman (SF-SRF president), Maria Mavrikaki (scientific symposium chair), Sarah Iqbal and Marsha DSouza (vendor show chairs) and Vanessa Paulman and Cheryl Marra. Following the symposium, FAU students had the opportunity to attend a special lecture by TSRI Professor John Cleveland on the connection between medical practice and basic science.

Sandelman Travel Award Winners Selected

The Career and Postdoctoral Services Office has announced recipients of the 2013 Robert M. Sandelman Award for Scientific Excellence, which supports travel expenses to scientific conferences.

Winners of a $1,500 award to attend an international conference are:

  • Suzanne Rzuczek of the Disney lab, presenting at the RNA Society Conference in Quebec City, Canada
  • Kristen Scott of the Cleveland lab, presenting at the Keystone Symposium, Tumor Metabolism, in Whistler, Canada

Receiving a $1,000 award to attend a domestically hosted conference are:

  • Devrishi Goswami of the Griffin lab, presenting at the 2014 American Society of Mass Spectroscopy, in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Travis Hughes of the Kojetin lab and James Robinson of the Translational Research Institute, presenting separately at the Joint Keystone Symposia, G-protein-Coupled Receptors & Frontiers in Biology, in Snowbird, Utah
  • Beena Kadakkuzha of the Puthanveettil lab, presenting at the Gordon Conference on Cell Biology of the Neuron in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
  • Reji Nair of the Bannister lab, presenting at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Dallas, Texas
  • Laura Rosenberg of the Duckett Lab, presenting at the American Association for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute and European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics in Boston, Massachusetts

Recognizing outstanding scientific achievement and accomplishment, the awards were funded through the Boca Raton, Florida-based Sandelman Foundation, established by sales promotion pioneer Robert Sandelman, who founded the first sales promotion agency in the United States and created the American Express Gold Card.

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TSRI Professor John Yates placed first on a list of most influential analytical scientists. (Photo by BioMedical Graphics.)









reseearch fest
Serving as a judge for Research Fest 2013, Mike Cameron, TSRI assistant professor and associate scientific director in the Translational Research Institute, listens as Jing Wang, research associate in the Guo lab, reviews her poster presentation. (Photo by Jeremy Pyle.)