• VOL 14. ISSUE 38
    December 22, 2014


Research Advances from 2014
Letter from the President
Scientists Open New Frontier of Vast Chemical ‘Space’
Team Develops ‘Cool’ New Method for Probing How Molecules Fold


Research Advances from 2014

This year TSRI scientists continued to make strides in their quest to understand the fundamental processes of life and to advance human health.

Letter from the President

Acting President and CEO Jim Paulson shares his reflections about the institute’s accomplishments of the past year and his optimism for the future.

Scientists Open New Frontier of Vast Chemical ‘Space’

As proof-of-principle, a team from the Baran lab makes dozens of new chemical entities. The new method—which is extraordinarily robust—can be used to make pharmaceuticals, fabrics, dyes, plastics and other previously inaccessible materials.

Team Develops 'Cool' New Method for Probing How Molecules Fold

The technique, developed by the TSRI's Deniz lab and UC San Diego colleagues, lays the groundwork for better understanding misfolding-prone proteins that cause illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

  • Solving a Long-Standing Mystery, Team Identifies Key Protein Sensor for Touch
  • Pain and Itch in a Dish
  • Researchers Find How Mutant Gene Can Cause Deafness
  • Volunteers Can Now Help Seek Ebola Cure in Their (Computer's) Spare Time
  • Team Reveals Weak Spots in Ebola’s Defenses
  • Researchers Discover New Type of Neuron that Plays Key Role in Nicotine Addiction
  • The Backwards Brain? New Study Shows How Brain Maps Develop to Help Us Perceive the World
  • Catalyst-Where-You-Want-It Method Expands Possibilities for New Drug Development
  • Scientists Unveil New Targets and Test to Develop Treatments for Memory Disorders
  • Scientists Capture Picture of ‘MicroRNA’ In Action
  • Study Shows How Exercise Could Reduce Relapse During Meth Withdrawal
  • The Language of the Brain: A Profile of Ulrich Müller
  • Scientists Make Enzyme that Could Help Explain Origins of Life
  • New Clinical Trial Data: MS Drug Candidate Also Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis
  • Researchers Uncover Major Factor in Development of Huntington’s Disease
  • Chemists Achieve New Technique with Profound Implications for Drug Development
  • New Studies Bring Scientists Closer to Combating Dangerous Unstable Proteins
  • Scientists Link ALS Progression to Increased Protein Instability