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Scientists Unravel How Protein Impacts Intellectual DisabilityThe new study could have implications for potential treatments of intellectual disability and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
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Massive Chromosome Fusions? Neurons Don’t CareTSRI researchers find brain cells appear less vulnerable to DNA damage than previously thought.
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Broad Advance from TSRI Chemists Dramatically Simplifies Olefin SynthesisNew method expected to replace textbook reactions, enable syntheses of many new candidate drugs and other molecules.
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Closer Look at Brain Circuits Reveals Important Role of GeneticsScientists have revealed new clues to the wiring of the brain.
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Chemists Devise Simple Method for Making Sought-After Boronic Acid-Based Drugs and Other ProductsInitial demonstrations yield compounds with promise for treating COPD, cystic fibrosis and other lung disorders.
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Surprising Brain Change Appears to Drive Alcohol DependenceThe new findings could help scientists develop personalized treatments for alcoholism and alcohol use disorder.
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Scientist Awarded $4.8M to Bring HIV Vaccine Closer to Human TrialsResearch shows this method works as a vaccine to protect nonhuman primates from HIV.
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New Approach Makes Cells Resistant to HIVTSRI and City of Hope team up in effort to cure AIDS.
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Researchers Discover a Signal Driving Type 1 DiabetesA potential therapy may stop type 1 diabetes from progressing past the prediabetic stage.
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Experimental Small Molecule Shows Potential in Preventing Meth RelapseThe potential treatment also appears to repair some of the structural changes seen in neurons exposed to meth.
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