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New Chemistry Method Simplifies Late-Stage Modification of Drug CompoundsTechnique overcomes a long-standing problem in organic chemistry.
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To forget or to remember? Memory depends on subtle brain signals, scientists find.
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Good Cells Gone Bad in Parkinson'sTSRI Scientists Discover 'PINK-SNO[W]' Reaction
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New Painkillers Reduce Overdose RiskThe research shows that a range of compounds can deliver pain-blocking potency without affecting respiration.
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A Structural Clue to Attacking Malaria’s ‘Achilles Heel’New research could boost the development of a more potent vaccine against the global killer.
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Potential New Autism Drug Shows Promise in Mice“This drug candidate is poised to go into clinical trials, and we think it might be effective against multiple forms of autism."
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Pushing the Limits of Lower-Cost Electron Microscopes, with Incredible Results"This work has reshaped the way the EM field views these microscopes."
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