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The Scripps Research Institute expands faculty with five new membersExpertise encompasses cancer, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine
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Mobile health devices diagnose hidden heart condition in at-risk populationsThe mobile health (mHealth) devices resulted in more people receiving critical preventive therapies, the study found.
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A well-known animal health drug could stop outbreaks of malaria and Zika virusVeterinary flea and tick drugs kill mosquitoes and other insects that carry diseases between human.
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Mobile health technologies accurately measure new cardiovascular ‘vital signs’Scientists investigate a promising way to track health outside the doctor's office.
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2019 Priestley Medal goes to K. Barry SharplessThe medal is the highest honor given by the American Chemical Society.
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Some existing anti-cancer drugs may act in part by targeting RNA, study showsThe research offers another approach for tackling diseases that have been considered “undruggable,” including ALS and certain cancers.
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Scripps Research scientists find new way to block alcohol addiction and ease withdrawal"We have a new molecular target linked to alcohol addiction."
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