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Technology Meets Teamwork: Andrew Ward Unlocks Viruses’ SecretsAndrew Ward aims to find 3-D structures of proteins from microscopic organisms that cause disease, revealing weak spots that might be targeted with vaccines and drugs.
Team Finds New Antibody Weapons against Marburg VirusThe findings provide new tools for the detection of Ebola viruses, too.
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Scientists Pinpoint Mechanism for Altered Pattern of Brain Growth in Autism Spectrum DisorderThe team uncovered a mutation that alters the basic trajectory of early brain development.
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Researcher Wins $4.5 Million in Gates Foundation Grants to Support Development of AIDS VaccineThe grants, directed by Associate Professor Andrew Ward, will provide new tools to collect and process high-resolution images of HIV proteins and antibodies.
TSRI-Designed Drug Candidate Significantly Reduces HIV Reactivation RateThe AIDS study points to a "functional cure."
Chemists Find Efficient, Scalable Way to Synthesize Potential Brain-Protecting CompoundThe discovery may lead to new therapies to safeguard brain cells experiencing Alzheimer’s, stroke and traumatic brain injury.
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Small RNAs Found to Play Important Roles in Memory FormationIn some cases, microRNAs increase memory formation; in other cases, they decrease it.
Best-Selling Author Launches Second Fundraising Effort for Alzheimer’s ResearchThe campaign aims to surpass the more than $50,000 raised for research at TSRI in 2013.
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