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New Study by TSRI and Janssen Makes Major Advance Toward More Effective, Long-Lasting Flu VaccineThe collaboration shows a vaccine candidate can produce powerful "broadly neutralizing antibodies" in animal models.
TSRI Scientists Uncover Surprising Mechanism Behind Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria The team discovered an important human pathogen develops resistance to an antibiotic by “switching on” a previously uncharacterized set of genes.
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Scripps Florida Scientists’ Structural Discoveries Could Aid in Better Drug Design For the first time, the team uncovered structural details of how some proteins interact to turn two different signals into a single integrated output.
Team Finds a Better Way to Engineer Therapeutic Proteins into AntibodiesThe research, led TSRI’s Richard Lerner and Rockefeller’s Jeffrey Friedman, advanced an obesity therapy as proof-of-principle.
International Team Discovers the Ancient Origins of Deadly Lassa VirusThe scientists were surprised to find far-flung strains of Lassa virus share a common ancestor that can be traced back more than 1,000 years.
Scripps Florida Scientists Determine How Antibiotic Gains Cancer-Killing Sulfur AtomsThis discovery has implications for drug development for cancer and other diseases.
Scientists Collaborate to Determine First Structure of Crucial Plant HormoneThe study solved a mystery about proteins playing a crucial role in responding to insects and microorganisms, as well as promoting normal growth and development.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Show How Aging Cripples the Immune System, Suggesting Benefits of Antioxidants The study points to a mechanism by which antioxidants in the diet could slow atrophy of the thymus.
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