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Molecule that dilates blood vessels hints at new way to treat heart diseaseMedications that activate this molecule could one day be useful to treat medical conditions, including ischemic stroke.
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Your immune system holds the line against repeat invaders, thanks to this moleculeThe discovery could also have implications for chronic diseases such as cancer.
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Cancer researchers receive more than $2 million to eradicate common form of leukemiaThe researchers will investigate how to design antibodies to deliver drugs to fight chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
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Healthy red blood cells owe their shape to muscle-like structuresDiscovery by Scripps Research scientists may offer insight into treating blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia.
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Scripps Research discovery paves way for better flu prevention, treatmentScientists at The Scripps Research Institute have discovered a new aspect of the flu virus and how it interacts with antibodies in the lungs.
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Long thought to only cause a rare disease, this mutation may ward off malariaScientists were surprised to find that the mutation could be present in one in three people of African descent.
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Graduate program at The Scripps Research Institute earns another top ten rankingThis is the 19th year in a row that the program has earned top ten honors.
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