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Scripps Research chemists design 'miniecosystems' to test drug function"This could save a lot of time in drug discovery by reducing the steps needed to assess drug candidates."
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Scripps Research ranked top nonprofit scientific institute in United StatesGlobally, Scripps Research ranked third in life sciences research and fourth in chemistry.
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Scientists find potential disease-fighting 'warheads' hidden in bacteriaInvestigating a promising way to improve antibiotics and other drugs.
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Two-pronged antibodies draw immune killers directly to cancer cellsThese cancer combatants attack malignant cells but leave healthy cells untouched.
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Novel RNA-modifying tool corrects genetic diseases, including driver of triple-negative breast cancerThe new tool opens the possibility of creating drugs that can be taken conveniently as pills to correct genetic diseases.
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Tumor-like spheres help scientists discover smarter cancer drugsUsing this approach, scientists have already identified one potential drug for an important cancer gene.
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The Joy of NeuronsA simplified 'cookbook' for engineering brain cells to study disease
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Scripps Research chemist receives prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry AwardFloyd Romesberg honored for his ground-breaking contributions to the expansion of the genetic alphabet.
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