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New Method Could Turbocharge Drug Discovery, Protein ResearchThe new method allows scientists to target proteins that were previously "undruggable."
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Scientists Discover Master Regulator of Cellular AgingThis protein fine-tunes the cellular clock.
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Researchers Discover Surprising Process Behind Sense of TouchThe new research could be relevant for treating chronic pain and other conditions.
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Scientists Expand Toolbox to Study Cellular FunctionScripps Florida researchers have developed a new tool for studying the details of protein structure.
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Scientists Take Step Toward Mapping How the Brain Stores MemoriesThe new study provides causal evidence that one brain region can store different memories.
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Scientists Uncover New Way to Defeat Therapy-Resistant Prostate CancerThe new study sheds light on a signaling circuit in cells that drives therapy resistance.
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Scientists Develop Drug Discovery Approach to Predict Health Impact of Endocrine-Disrupting ChemicalsThe new research method could also speed up the discovery of new drugs for breast cancer and many other diseases.
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Protein Monitors Lung Volume and Regulates BreathingThe new research might shed light on SIDS and sleep apnea.
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Scientists Show How Drug Binds with ‘Hidden Pocket’ on Flu VirusThe new study reveals precisely how popular flu treatment Arbidol works.
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Scientists Uncover Cellular Process Behind Premature AgingThe new research suggests that two genetic disruptions can counteract premature aging and extend developmental lifespan.
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Scientists Discover New Natural Source of Potent Anti-Cancer DrugsNew process could save time and resources in search for rare cancer-fighting molecules.
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Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $5 Million Outstanding Investigator GrantThe new grant will focus on the biological processes that underlie memory formation.
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