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NIH-supported scientists elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV in calvesNew findings offer insights for HIV vaccine design, and support further study of modified bovine antibodies as HIV therapeutics or prevention tools in humans, scientists reported in a paper published online today in Nature.
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Scripps Florida Scientist and Collaborators Win $7 Million Grant to Develop New ALS Treatments“Our work will apply to any disease.”
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San Diego Team Tests Best Delivery Mode for Potential HIV VaccineResearchers are steadily inching closer to an effective HIV vaccine.
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Firefly Gene Illuminates Ability of Optimized CRISPR-Cpf1 to Efficiently Edit Human GenomeTSRI scientists have improved a state-of-the-art gene-editing technology.
HIV Protein Transitional State
TSRI Scientists Capture First High Resolution Image of Key HIV Protein Transitional StateA new, three-dimensional snapshot of HIV demonstrates the radical structural transformations that enable the virus to recognize and infect host cells.
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Exercise Performance in Mice Depends on Circadian RhythmsMice in new TSRI study sprinted faster but had less endurance over longer distances.
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TSRI Anti-Heroin Vaccine Found Effective in Non-Human PrimatesScientists produce the first vaccine against an opioid to pass this stage of preclinical testing.
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Influenza Virus Can Overcome Potentially Crippling MutationsNew research could improve the effectiveness of flu vaccines and therapies.
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