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Researchers Discover Key to Drug Resistance in Common Breast Cancer TreatmentTwo immune system molecules may be key to the development of drug resistance in estrogen-driven breast cancers.
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Scientists Develop New Drug Delivery Method for Cancer TherapyA new design may make these drugs ideal vehicles for drug delivery straight to tumor cells.
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Potential Drug Candidates Halt Prostate and Breast Cancer GrowthThe researchers say their new approach is like "designing a scalpel" to target only cancer cells.
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In Battle for Real Estate, a Disordered Protein Wins OutThe new TSRI study points to a potential strategy to kill cancer cells.
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New Enzyme-Like Tool Lets Chemists Modify Hard-to-Reach Spots on Drug MoleculesThe new tool works "like a crane and wrecking ball."
Fighting Blindness: TSRI Scientists Bring a Key Protein into FocusNew study could have implications for treating age-related macular degeneration and retinal dystrophy.
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TSRI Announces New Board Members and Chairman of the BoardTSRI, one of the world's largest, private, non-profit research organizations, today announced the appointment of nine new members to its Board of Directors.
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Researchers Find Standard Pacemakers and Defibrillators Safe for MRI Using a New ProtocolA closer look at the risk of MRI in 1,500 patients with implanted cardiac devices.
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Ozanimod Shows Positive Results in Late-Stage Clinical Trial for Relapsing Multiple SclerosisThe new study demonstrated that a drug candidate originally discovered and optimized at TSRI can reduce the frequency of multiple sclerosis relapse.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Take Aim at Obesity-Linked ProteinIs there a way to get metabolism to ramp up—even when it’s not cold out?
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Researchers Awarded $3.3M to Develop Next-Generation Breast Cancer TherapiesThe team aims to help the thousands of patients whose current treatment options are limited.
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