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CELLebrate Science Presents Wonders of Scripps Florida Research

Thanks to some 200 volunteers from The Scripps Research Institute’s (TSRI) Florida campus, the sixth annual CELLebrate Science Day at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens on January 31 introduced thousands of Palm Beach County children and adults to glowing fish, 3D robots and the intricate wonders of Scripps Florida’s biomedical research.

Scripps Florida scientists, students and staff worked the festival’s interactive and educational booths, which highlighted the institute’s work. In addition, many TSRI investigators attended with their families to enjoy the community event.

Children watched gummy bears melting, frozen flowers get smashed with mallets and delightfully loud (and frequent) chemically induced explosions that shook the mall’s large center court. Three 3D printers were on hand to demonstrate the new technology, producing more than 400 mini-robots as visitor giveaways. At the photo booth, 700 visitors received snapshots of themselves posing as “Scripps Research scientists” in the boardwalk-style display. 

Zebrafish and fish that glowed with fluorescence were highlights at the metabolism and aging booth, while sea slugs and fruit files were a hit at the neuroscience exhibit. The cancer biology section featured eye-catching antibody presentations. The infectious disease exhibiters held a raffle for stuffed-animal models of viruses.

Children put plates of health food together at the diabetes and metabolism booth. Assistant Scientific Director Tom Bannister was the Scientist on Call in the information booth, entertaining a range of interesting questions about research at TSRI. 

“CELLebrate Science Day is one way we thank the local community for their support and show the great research we do,” said Scripps Florida Senior Director Dawn Johnson. “We thank the Gardens Mall for a great partnership in celebrating this unique resource.”

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Visitors flocked to this year’s CELLebrate Science Day at The Gardens Mall. Top: Scripps Florida volunteers help kids (and adults) explore the amazing world—and smells—of chemistry. Bottom: Two youngsters show off the stuffed-animal virus models they won at the infectious diseases booth. (Photos courtesy of Brian Nabors, Melian Studios.)