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Of Note

Gabriel Lander Named 2014 Searle Scholar

Gabriel Lander, assistant professor in The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, has been named a 2014 Searle Scholar, one of just 15 selected from among 172 nominations nationwide.

Chosen by an advisory board of distinguished scientists across a wide range of fields, Searle Scholars are recognized for innovative research and the potential to make significant contributions to chemical and biological research in the future.

Lander’s award project is titled “Determining the Structural Basis of Neurological Diseases and Disorders.”

Other TSRI faculty members previously named Searle Scholars include Phil Baran, Dale Boger, Benjamin Cravatt, Larry Gerace, M. Reza Ghadiri, Jeffrey Kelly, Katja Lamia, Ben Shen, Jamie Williamson and Chi-Huey Wong.

Facilities, Construction & Engineering Wins Green Feat Award

For energy-saving environmental efforts that have substantially cut Scripps California’s utility usage, the Facilities, Construction & Engineering staff has been awarded the 2014 Keith McKeown Green Feat Award. Presented annually by the Green Team, the award recognizes sustainability leadership on the California campus.

Facilities, Construction & Engineering sustainability activities include the Beckman building's fume hood/phoenix valve recommissioning; Hartman Loop projects (BCC, MB, IMM) to conserve natural gas, electricity and water; native/low-water landscaping projects (IMM, MB, Lot 2); reclaimed water irrigation projects (west campus, NSI/Hazen, Lot 2) as well as ongoing retro-commissioning and other utility-usage reduction projects.

“The Facilities, Construction & Engineering team has helped reduce the institute’s utility bills by well over $1 million per year,” said Pete Herold, TSRI vice president of facilities. “The 9.9-percent electricity-rate increase TSRI sees in its energy bills, beginning April 1, makes their achievements especially significant, as is the continued need for all of us on campus to conserve electricity use wherever and whenever possible—simple actions such as turning off lights and closing fume hoods.

The award is named for the late Keith McKeown, who served as TSRI vice president of communications and public relations from 2002-2010 and was founding chair of the California campus Green Team.

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Standing in front of energy-efficient 14.4 million-BTU chillers in the Beckman building basement, Morgan Hoffman (left), facilities, construction and engineering director, and Clyde Brown, facilities supervisor, pose with the 2014 Keith McKeown Green Feat Award recognizing their department’s sustainability efforts. (Photo by Cindy Brauer.)