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Team Finds Potential Achilles’ Heel on Lassa Fever and Related Viruses
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Team Finds Potential Achilles’ Heel on Lassa Fever and Related Viruses




Matt Disney Receives the ACS Carbohydrate Division’s David Y. Gin Award

Scripps Research Associate Professor Matt Disney has been named the 2012 David Y. Gin Award recipient by the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Carbohydrate Division. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to research in carbohydrate chemistry by scientists in their first independent faculty position.

Disney’s research develops rational methods to target RNA with small molecules. As part of the ACS award, he will be a featured speaker at the Carbohydrate Division symposium March 26, held in conjunction with the ACS 2012 national meeting in San Diego.

Formerly known as the ACS division’s New Investigator Award, the recognition was renamed in honor of the late David Gin, professor of molecular pharmacology and chemistry at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College, who passed away in May at 44 years of age.

Alexander Price Wins Tony B. Academic Travel Award

Alexander Price, research associate in the Paegel lab, has received a Tony B. Academic Travel Award from the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS). One of 39 award recipients from throughout the world, Price is invited to attend and present at the First Annual SLAS Conference & Exhibition, February 4 to 8 in San Diego.

The SLAS travel award program is designed to “support young scientists and encourage them to explore their futures in the laboratory science and technology field,” according to the award announcement. The award honors the late Tony Beugelsdijk, group leader of Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering at the Los Alamos High-Throughput Laboratory and a pioneer in laboratory robotics.

Scripps California Places First in Alternative Commuting Challenge

The Scripps California has captured top honors in the 2011 Rideshare Challenge, a month-long iCommute corporate program to promote work-commute alternatives to driving alone. The win follows the institute’s first-place finish in the iCommute Bike-to-Work Challenge in May.

Thirty-eight San Diego county companies and agencies participated in the Rideshare Corporate Challenge, representing more than 78,000 employees. The Scripps Research effort, sponsored by Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI), the Green Team, and the Human Resources Department, won in the Macro Company category. Participants tracked their alternative work commutes—any combination of carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, using public transit, or teleworking—on the iCommute website throughout October. According to iCommute, the institute’s Rideshare statistics included:

  • 1,406 eligible alternative commute trips logged on iCommute’s TripTracker
  • 14,817 vehicle miles not traveled
  • 439 gallons of gasoline not used
  • 9,330 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Rideshare Challenge here at Scripps Research this October,” said Jamal Malik, graduate student in the Fokin lab and SSI leader. “Winning both the Bike-to-Work Month and Rideshare Challenge in our categories has established us as an institution that values our community as well as our exemplary science. I hope we continue to represent Scripps well in upcoming transit events.”

Pete Herold, vice-president of facility services and Green Team leader, added, “On behalf of the Green Team, I would like to thank all participants in the Rideshare and Bike-to-Work challenges for their efforts towards reducing Scripps Research’s carbon footprint.”

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