The Body Clock Revisited
Scientists have demonstrated that a gene called Opn4, which codes for a protein receptor called melanopsin, is responsible for keeping our daily rhythms entrained to a 24-hour day.

Snapshot: Bill Latham
Meet Security Supervisor Bill Latham.

TSRI Graduate Students Win Fellowships
TSRI graduate student Anthony Jon Roecker has won the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship Award; graduate student Scott Snyder has won a 2003 BMS Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

On Press:
A Beneficial Link Between a Nicotine Metabolite and Alzheimer's Disease

Research Reveals First Details of Activation-Induced Cell Death in Macrophages



Towards an AIDS Vaccine: TSRI Scientists Describe Unusual Antibody That Targets HIV
The laboratories of TSRI investigators Ian Wilson and Dennis Burton collaborated to solve the structure of an antibody that effectively neutralizes human immunodeficiency virus.