Bill Latham

Title: Security Supervisor.

Duties: Supervising 12 security officers on the day shift, including scheduling posts and assignments, processing time sheets, posting orders, processing access cards, and acting as the point person for scientists on behalf of supervisors of other shifts.

Favorite Parts of Job: "Giving people the opportunity to work, especially temporary help. Also, being a leader—it's a learning experience!"

Started at TSRI: 1996

Background: Latham was born and raised in San Diego, and worked in security and as an emergency medical technician before coming to TSRI.

Thoughts on TSRI: "It's a great place to work. People here have a good attitude and they take pride in what they do. That makes it fun."

Family Life: Wife, seven-year-old daughter, and another baby born Wednesday, June 25, 2003. [Congratulations!]

Extracurriculars: Member of the Adrian Empire Renaissance Re-Creation Society and head of the group's San Diego Shakespearean comedy group, the Hemlock Society. As part of this group, Latham has acted in a number of plays and has written and produced a comedy based on Macbeth. Other Adrian Empire activities include camping in Renaissance gear and recreating battles.

Latham is also production manager for the San Diego Ballet Conservatory, in whose shows his daughter performs.

TSRI Extracurriculars: Latham joined the Picnic Committee this year and contributed this year's theme, the Renaissance. "I joined [the Picnic Committee] because there was a need for better communication among the picnic organizers and Security, but it's been a lot of fun." Members of Latham's Adrian Empire group will add color at this year's picnic, exhibiting live steel combat in full armor, providing marshals, bows, and arrows for an archery activity, and mingling among the crowd in full costume. Look for Latham dressed as Sir Wilhelm -the Shakespearean.





Security Supervisor Bill Latham supervises the day shift. Photo by BioMedical Graphics.