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The Nobel Prize

For News&Views coverage of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, see the special Nobel edition.

Hot Research

For information on research and publications from TSRI labs, see the TSRI News and Publications web page.

The following articles from News&Views may also be helpful:

•"Young Faculty Member Tackles Tough Structures" (Geoffrey Chang).

"Novel Amino Acids Come of Age" (Peter Schultz).

"TSRI Researcher Develops New Vaccine to Treat Cocaine Addicts" (Kim Janda).

"Microscopy of Live Cells in Motion" (Clare Waterman-Storer).

"Memory, Pain, Depression, and Peptides... Putting the Pieces Together" (Tamas Bartfai).

"Turning Off Pain's Pathways" (Ben Cravatt).

"Diabetes Under Investigation" (Nora Sarvetnick).

"New Paper Describes Dual Rac2 Regulatory Role" (Gary Bokoch and Becky Diebold).

Research Grants:

For information on giving to TSRI, see the TSRI Development Office web page.

For further information on grants made to TSRI in 2001, see:

•News&Views article, "Any Given Wednesday: Vision Researcher Keeps Patients in Focus."

•Press release, "$35 Million Alcohol Grant Awarded to Consortium led by Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute."

•News&Views article, "Life, Sugar-Coded."

The Changing Face of Campus

The following News&Views articles provides information on campus news in 2001:

"New Institute Within TSRI Focuses on Molecular Genetics of Disease."

"Ceremony Dedicates Two New Institutes at TSRI."

"The World's Most Powerful NMR Magnet Arrives at TSRI."

"New Sculpture at TSRI Dedicated to Memory of Norton B. Gilula."

Graduate Programs

For information on TSRI's graduate programs, see the TSRI Ph.D. Programs web page.

The following News&Views articles also provide information:

"Today's Visitors, Tomorrow's Students."

"TSRI Holds Ninth Commencement."

"New Graduate Students Arrive on Campus."

"Graduate Student Retreat Educates Audience and Presenters Alike."

Education Outreach Programs

For information on TSRI's outreach programs, see the TSRI Education Outreach Programs web page.

The following News&Views articles also provide information:

"TSRI Internship Program Offers "Way Cool" Summer Jobs."

"TSRI's Spring Programs Bridge Gap Between Modern Lab and High-School Classroom."

"Science Teachers Become Students for a Day."

"Diekmans Endow Fellowship for Science Teachers."

"Hearst Foundation Gives TSRI $150,000 to Endow Summer Internships."