Hearst Foundation Gives TSRI $150,000 to Endow Summer Internships

By Mika Ono

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation has given $150,000 to endow summer internships in The Scripps Research Institute's (TSRI) Science Outreach Program. The gift will ensure that three, possibly four, high school students have the opportunity to work in a TSRI lab every summer in perpetuity. The award was the culmination of over 10 years of communication between the Hearst Foundation and the TSRI Development Office.

"This generous endowment supports TSRI in its commitment to reaching out to future generations of scientists," says Jeffery Kelly, vice president for academic affairs and dean of graduate studies. "We are deeply grateful to the Hearst Foundation for its gift."

Robin Goldsmith, vice president of communications and director of the Science Outreach Program, adds: "The intensive, basic hands-on research experience that the summer internship provides is invaluable to these young people. It gives them an insight into science and the scientific process that is difficult to achieve outside the laboratory."

TSRI's Science Outreach Program was started 12 years ago to promote and improve science literacy, enhance science teachers' professional development, and inspire students to pursue careers in the life sciences. In recognition of the shift towards a multiracial, multiethnic society, TSRI encourages students and teachers from gender and ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences to attend its programs.

Since its inception, over 200 high school students, 49 science teachers, and 71 undergraduates have participated in the Science Outreach Program, which has been recognized by the Greater San Diego Industry-Education Council for providing a model for collaboration between K-12 schools and institutions of advanced learning. The program's newest component, The Science Partnership Scholars Program (supported by an endowment from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations), provides an opportunity for teachers to attend a six-week session of tutorials at TSRI and includes a laboratory kit to bring back to the classroom.

The Hearst Foundation, based in New York and San Francisco, was founded by philanthropist William Randolph Hearst in 1948. The foundation funds programs for underrepresented, low-income, and minority populations, focusing on the areas of education, health, culture, and social services.



TSRI's Science Outreach Program has provided the opportunity for many high school students, teachers, and undergraduates to learn about science and the scientific process.