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28th tRNA Conference

Watch Paul Schimmel speak at the
28th tRNA Conference

Paul ACS 2022

Watch Paul Schimmel's Address At
The American Chemical Society Meeting
Celebrating The 75th Anniversary Of
The Pfizer Award In Enzyme Chemistry

Front Row Lecture Xiang-Lei Yang

Watch Xiang-Lei Yang's Presentation
For The Front Row Lecture Series At
Scripps Research 

People Behind The Science

Paul Schimmel is interviewed
by Dr. Marie McNeely  on the
"People Behind the Science"

Xiang-Lei Yang Xiang-Lei Yang is named to the 
Ernest W. Hahn Chair
Protein-making enzymes Nucleic Acids Research
Breakthrough Article
ARCS-.png ARCS Foundation, Inc. San Diego Chapter
Honors Paul Schimmel As
The 2020 Scientist Of The Year
Relaxed enzymes 'Relaxed' Enzymes May Be At The
Root Of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Potential treatment path

For The First Time, Potential
Treatment Path Becomes Clear
For Subtype Of Charcot-Marie-Tooth


American Chemical Society Honors
Translational Medicine Pioneer Paul Schimmel
As A Life-Changing Entrepreneuer

Proofreading Mechanism Researchers Uncover New
'Proofreading' Mechanism
In Gene Translation
2018 Commencement Address Paul Schimmel Speaks At The
Ohio Wesleyan University
Commencement Ceremony
Groundbreaking Research Families Facing Rare Neurological
Disease Drive Groundbreaking
Science Daily Ancient Enzyme Morphed Shape
To Carry Out New Functions
In Humans
Spotlight Spotlight On Charcot-Marie-Tooth
New Cancer Drug Target Scientists Find New Cancer
Drug Target In
Dual-Function Protein
Toward a cure Toward A Cure For
Asking the hard questions Asking The Hard Questions:
A Profile Of Xiang-Lei Yang
National Academy of Inventors Paul Schimmel, Ph.D. Elected To
The National Academy Of Inventors
yang lab solves Team Points To Care Of
Debilitating Nerve Disease
TSRI Collaboration TSRI Collaboration Finds
Ancient Protein-Making
Enzyme Moonlights
As DNA Protector
Study Finds Study Finds Molecular
'Yin-Yang' Regulates
Blood Vessel Growth
Collaboration unlocks Collaboration Unlocks
Evolutionary Secret Of
Blood Vessels
Team solves Team Solves Mystery
Of Nerve Disease Genes
Scientists Crack Scientists Crack Mystery
Of Protein's Dual Function
Analysis of Protein

Analysis of Protein-Building
Enzyme Sheds Light On
Protein Evoluation

SLAC SSRL Headline News Highlights
Work Of Mathew Sajish
Team Reveals Team Reveals Unique Mechanism
Of Natural Product With Powerful
Antimicrobial Action
Faculty of 1000 Mathew Sajish's Nature Paper
In Faculty Of 1000
Nature Chemical Biology Mathew Sajish's Nature Paper
Is Highlighted In
Nature Chemical Biology
'News And Views'

Paul-Sajish Scripps Research Institute
Scientists Uncover New,
Fundamental Mechanism
or How Resveratrol
Provides Health Benefits
Na Wei Paper Na Wei's Paper Is Featured
As Editor's Choice Science
Signaling, The Weekly Journal From
The Publisher of Science Magazine
SLAC SSRL Headline News Highlights
Work Of Xiaoling Xu And Yi Shi 
JBC Guangsen Fu's Paper Named
‘Paper of the Week’ In
The Journal Of Biological Chemistry
Innovative Molecular Biologist Innovative Molecular Biologist
Joins Cancer Biology Department
PhysOrg.png Researchers Uncover Chemical
Basis For Extra "Quality Control"
In Protein Production
EurekAlert-AAAS.png Scripps Research Scientists
Find Early Evolution Maximized
The "Spellchecking"
Of Protein Sequences
Team Oberves Team Observes Human
Disorder In Fruit Flies







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