Vol 5. Issue 20 / June 20, 2005

Vampires Beware: Scientists Describe the Molecular Basis of Raw Garlic's Pungency - Investigators have discovered the chemical difference between raw and cooked garlic.

Former Fidelity Investments Executive J. Gary Burkhead Joins Board - "Gary brings a lifetime of invaluable professional experience to our board," said Scripps Research President Richard A. Lerner.

Chiang Wins California Breast Cancer Research Award

ScrippsAssists Wins Volunteer Heroes Award

Scientists Identify Target of Immune Suppression Molecule CD22—Itself




To Stop Evolution: Scientists Demonstrate New Way of Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Scripps Research Honors Graduating Students

Speed and Detection

Sweet Recognition

Kenan Charitable Trust Gives $200,000 for Scripps Florida Education Outreach Programs

Aneuploidy Matters

Why Do Amyloid Diseases Strike Different Tissues?

Drive to Discover: An Interview with Peter Vogt

The Latest Results for a New Theory About Fragile X Syndrome

NIH Awards $10.4 Million to Scripps Research in La Jolla and Palm Beach County - A $10.4 million dollar NIH grant will launch a pilot program drawing on the resources of both Scripps Research campuses to discover small-molecule tools for moving basic biomedical discoveries more quickly into medically relevant applications.