Researchers Develop New Type of Vaccine Against Nicotine Addiction
"These new vaccines greatly suppress the reinforcing aspects of the drug," says principal investigator Kim D. Janda.

Waterman-Storer Named Keith Porter Fellow
Associate Professor Clare Waterman-Storer of the Department of Cell Biology has been appointed a Keith Porter fellow by the Porter Endowment for Cell Biology. Keith Porter Fellows are chosen on the basis of their early to mid-career scientific contributions as well as their entrepreneurial talents for promoting the profession of cell biology.

Huang Wins Prostate Cancer Research Award
Assistant Professor Shuang Huang has received an Idea Development Award from The Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program, of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.

On Press: Finding Selective Reversible Inhibitors In Vivo

Snapshot: Ryan Burnett
Meet Ryan Burnett, Research Associate in the Gottesfeld lab.

Scientists Describe Cholera Protein Structure—a Target for Vaccines and Antibiotics
A group led by TSRI Professor John Tainer reports solving two key structures of the bacterium Vibrio cholera, which causes cholera, a disease that is still a major public health problem in developing countries.