Expanding the Genetic Code: Scientists Synthesize 21-Amino Acid Bacterium
"We now have the opportunity to ask whether a 21-amino acid form of life has an evolutionary advantage over life with 20 amino acids [found in nature]," says TSRI investigator Peter Schultz.

Tan Wins Rheumatism Research Award
Professor Eng Tan has won this year's Japan Rheumatism Foundation/Wyeth Lederle Japan International RA Award for "outstanding contributions to the advancement of rheumatology-related research in areas including disease prevention, disease factor, and treatment evolution, as well as [having] helped raise the issues to an international level."

Snapshot: Owen Anderson
Meet TSRI's new training specialist.

On Press:
A Non-PCR DNA Detection Method





Attachment Receptors and Hot Spots for HIV Infection
"Now more than ever, there is a growing body of knowledge that suggests attachment receptors can have a profound impact on HIV pathogenesis," says Assistant Professor Philippe Gallay.