Owen Anderson

Title: Training Specialist.

Duties: To develop, coordinate and present human resources training, including management training, online learning through SoftSkills (which offers 820 courses), orientation training, and other workshops.

Began at TSRI: November 2002.

Education: B.A. in Education from the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.

Experience: Positions in training and computers, including sales trainer for Peregrine Systems, systems analyst for Ernst & Young, and training manager for a life insurance company.

Thoughts on TSRI: "TSRI is an exciting place to work. The goals of the institution are very noble; being a small part of that mission gives me a sense of purpose."

Thoughts on San Diego: "I do enjoy the weather and the proximity to the ocean."

Extracurriculars: Creating art in many forms, including oil painting, drawing, and computer graphic art. In addition, Owen likes reading, swimming and working on computers. He is pursuing a master's degree in the evenings.

Contact Information: Owen can be reached at x4-8198 or e-mail owena@scripps.edu.




"TSRI is an exciting place to work," says Training Specialist Owen Anderson. Photo by Kevin Fung.