New Paper Describes Dual Rac2 Regulatory Role
Immunology Professor Gary Bokoch and Research Associate Becky Diebold publish a paper this month describing the molecular details of the regulation of NADPH oxidase by the protein Rac2.

Society of Fellows Enriches TSRI Experience for Junior Scientists
The Society of Fellows sponsors lectures, discussions, parties, and outings for TSRI postdocs, graduate students, and staff.

Snapshot: Kelly Kehoe
Meet TSRI’s new employment representative, a technical recruiter for research technicians.


A Vaccine Factory Inside
Each Cell

“Our goal is to decipher how proteins and genes interact in a disease state with molecular medicine in mind,” says Associate Professor Bruce Torbett. "If we can selectively replace the function of a particular gene that’s a problem or alter its product, then we could be way ahead of the game."