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Stress/Anxiety/Depression (as of 7/4/2012)

Stress history increases alcohol intake in relapse: Relation to phosphodiesterase 10A
Addict Biol, (in press)
Logrip, M. L., Zorrilla, E. P.

Stress modulation of drug self-administration: implications for addiction comorbidity with post-traumatic stress disorder
Neuropharmacology 62, 552-564, (2012)
Logrip, M. L., Zorrilla, E. P., Koob, G. F.

Progress in corticotropin-releasing factor-1 antagonist development
Drug Discov Today 15, 371-383, (2010)
Zorrilla, E. P., Koob, G. F.

Pattern of maternal circulating CRH in laboratory-housed squirrel and owl monkeys
Am J Primatol 72, 1004-1012, (2010)
Power, M. L., Williams, L. E., Gibson, S. V., Schulkin, J., Helfers, J., Zorrilla, E. P.

Urocortin 2 protects against retinal degeneration following bilateral common carotid artery occlusion in the rat
Neurosci Lett 455, 42-45, (2009)
Szabadfi, K., Atlasz, T., Reglodi, D., Kiss, P., Danyadi, B., Fekete, E. M., Zorrilla, E. P., Tamas, A., Szabo, K., Gabriel, R.

Sigma-1 receptor knockout mice display a depressive-like phenotype
Behav Brain Res 198, 472-476, (2009)
Sabino, V., Cottone, P., Parylak, S. L., Steardo, L., Zorrilla, E. P.

Presynaptic CRF1 receptors mediate the ethanol enhancement of GABAergic transmission in the mouse central amygdala
ScientificWorldJournal 9, 68-85, (2009)
Nie, Z., Zorrilla, E. P., Madamba, S. G., Rice, K. C., Roberto, M., Siggins, G. R.

Social defeat stress activates medial amygdala cells that express type 2 corticotropin-releasing factor receptor mRNA
Neuroscience 162, 5-13, (2009)
Fekete, E. M., Zhao, Y., Li, C., Sabino, V., Vale, W. W., Zorrilla, E. P.

MPZP: a novel small molecule corticotropin-releasing factor type 1 receptor (CRF1) antagonist
Pharmacol Biochem Behav 88, 497-510, (2008)
Richardson, H. N., Zhao, Y., Fekete, E. M., Funk, C. K., Wirsching, P., Janda, K. D., Zorrilla, E. P., Koob, G. F.

Phenotypic analysis of GalR2 knockout mice in anxiety- and depression-related behavioral tests
Neuropeptides 42, 387-397, (2008)
Lu, X., Ross, B., Sanchez-Alavez, M., Zorrilla, E. P., Bartfai, T.

Subtype-selective corticotropin-releasing factor receptor agonists exert contrasting, but not opposite, effects on anxiety-related behavior in rats
J Pharmacol Exp Ther 323, 846-854, (2007)
Zhao, Y., Valdez, G. R., Fekete, E. M., Rivier, J. E., Vale, W. W., Rice, K. C., Weiss, F., Zorrilla, E. P.

CRF-CRF1 system activation mediates withdrawal-induced increases in nicotine self-administration in nicotine-dependent rats
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104, 17198-17203, (2007)
George, O., Ghozland, S., Azar, M. R., Cottone, P., Zorrilla, E. P., Parsons, L. H., O'Dell, L. E., Richardson, H. N., Koob, G. F.

Physiology, pharmacology, and therapeutic relevance of urocortins in mammals: ancient CRF paralogs
Front Neuroendocrinol 28, 1-27, (2007)
Fekete, E. M., Zorrilla, E. P.

FG 7142 specifically reduces meal size and the rate and regularity of sustained feeding in female rats: evidence that benzodiazepine inverse agonists reduce food palatability
Neuropsychopharmacology 32, 1069-1081, (2007)
Cottone, P., Sabino, V., Steardo, L., Zorrilla, E. P.

Exposure to repetitive versus varied stress during prenatal development generates two distinct anxiogenic and neuroendocrine profiles in adulthood
Endocrinology 147, 2506-2517, (2006)
Richardson, H. N., Zorrilla, E. P., Mandyam, C. D., Rivier, C. L.

Urocortin 2-deficient mice exhibit gender-specific alterations in circadian hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and depressive-like behavior
J Neurosci 26, 5500-5510, (2006)
Chen, A., Zorrilla, E., Smith, S., Rousso, D., Levy, C., Vaughan, J., Donaldson, C., Roberts, A., Lee, K. F., Vale, W.

Homeostasis within the corticotropin-releasing factor system via CRF2 receptor activation: a novel approach for the treatment of anxiety
Drug Development Research 65, 205-215, (2005)
Valdez, G. R., Zorrilla, E. P., Koob, G. F.

Human urocortin 2, a corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF)2 agonist, and ovine CRF, a CRF1 agonist, differentially alter feeding and motor activity
J Pharmacol Exp Ther 310, 1027-1034, (2004)
Zorrilla, E. P., Reinhardt, L. E., Valdez, G. R., Inoue, K., Rivier, J. E., Vale, W. W., Koob, G. F.

The therapeutic potential of CRF1 antagonists for anxiety
Expert Opin Investig Drugs 13, 799-828, (2004)
Zorrilla, E. P., Koob, G. F.

Reduction of anxiety after restricted feeding in the rat: implication for eating disorders
Biol Psychiatry 55, 1075-1081, (2004)
Inoue, K., Zorrilla, E. P., Tabarin, A., Valdez, G. R., Iwasaki, S., Kiriike, N., Koob, G. F.

CRF1 receptor antagonists for anxiety
European Neuropsychopharmacology 13, s130-s131, (2003)
Zorrilla, E., Fekete, E., Mason, B. J., Wirsching, P., Janda, K. D., Koob, G. F.

Antagonism of corticotropin-releasing factor attenuates the enhanced responsiveness to stress observed during protracted ethanol abstinence
Alcohol 29, 55-60, (2003)
Valdez, G. R., Zorrilla, E. P., Roberts, A. J., Koob, G. F.

Locomotor suppressive and anxiolytic-like effects of urocortin 3, a highly selective type 2 corticotropin-releasing factor agonist
Brain Res 980, 206-212, (2003)
Valdez, G. R., Zorrilla, E. P., Rivier, J., Vale, W. W., Koob, G. F.

Effects of antalarmin, a CRF type 1 receptor antagonist, on anxiety-like behavior and motor activation in the rat
Brain Res 952, 188-199, (2002)
Zorrilla, E. P., Valdez, G. R., Nozulak, J., Koob, G. F., Markou, A.

Urocortin shares the memory modulating effects of corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF): mediation by CRF1 receptors
Brain Res 952, 200-210, (2002)
Zorrilla, E. P., Schulteis, G., Ormsby, A., Klaassen, A., Ling, N., McCarthy, J. R., Koob, G. F., De Souza, E. B.

Human urocortin II: mild locomotor suppressive and delayed anxiolytic-like effects of a novel corticotropin-releasing factor related peptide
Brain Res 943, 142-150, (2002)
Valdez, G. R., Inoue, K., Koob, G. F., Rivier, J., Vale, W., Zorrilla, E. P.

Time-dependent induction of anxiogenic-like effects after central infusion of urocortin or corticotropin-releasing factor in the rat
Psychopharmacology (Berl) 160, 113-121, (2002)
Spina, M. G., Merlo-Pich, E., Akwa, Y., Balducci, C., Basso, A. M., Zorrilla, E. P., Britton, K. T., Rivier, J., Vale, W. W., Koob, G. F.

Performance-enhancing effects of CRF-BP ligand inhibitors
Neuroreport 12, 1231-1234, (2001)
Zorrilla, E. P., Schulteis, G., Ling, N., Koob, G. F., De Souza, E. B.

The relationship of depression and stressors to immunological assays: a meta-analytic review
Brain Behav Immun 15, 199-226, (2001)
Zorrilla, E. P., Luborsky, L., McKay, J. R., Rosenthal, R., Houldin, A., Tax, A., McCorkle, R., Seligman, D. A., Schmidt, K.

Behavioral effects of central administration of the novel CRF antagonist astressin in rats
Neuropsychopharmacology 22, 230-239, (2000)
Spina, M. G., Basso, A. M., Zorrilla, E. P., Heyser, C. J., Rivier, J., Vale, W., Merlo-Pich, E., Koob, G. F.

Altered amygdalar CRF release and increased anxiety-like behavior in Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats: a microdialysis and behavioral study
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 24, 1765-1772, (2000)
Richter, R. M., Zorrilla, E. P., Basso, A. M., Koob, G. F., Weiss, F.

Affiliative trust-mistrust and immunity in depressed patients receiving supportive-expressive psychotherapy
Psychotherapy Research 7, 249-260, (1997)
McKay, J. R., Luborsky, L., Barber, J. P., Kabasakalian-McKay, R., Zorrilla, E. P., Cacciola, J. S.

Sexually dimorphic effects of maternal adrenalectomy on hypothalamic corticotrophin-releasing factor, glucocorticoid receptor and anterior pituitary POMC mRNA levels in rat neonates
Brain Res Dev Brain Res 100, 198-204, (1997)
Halasz, I., Rittenhouse, P. A., Zorrilla, E. P., Redei, E.

Relation of stressors and depressive symptoms to clinical progression of viral illness
Am J Psychiatry 153, 626-635, (1996)
Zorrilla, E. P., McKay, J. R., Luborsky, L., Schmidt, K.

High self-esteem, hardiness and affective stability are associated with higher basal pituitary-adrenal hormone levels
Psychoneuroendocrinology 20, 591-601, (1995)
Zorrilla, E. P., DeRubeis, R. J., Redei, E.

Reduced cytokine levels and T-cell function in healthy males: relation to individual differences in subclinical anxiety
Brain Behav Immun 8, 293-312, (1994)
Zorrilla, E. P., Redei, E., DeRubeis, R. J.