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2024: Jin wins the 2024 Award for Creativity in Molecular Design & Synthesis from the NJACS (North Jersey American Chemical Society) for his pioneering contributions to the area of C-H functionalization.
2024: Jin wins the 2024 Chemical Pioneer Award from the American Institute of Chemists.
2024: Jin wins the prestigious Tishler Prize from Harvard University. Congratulations!
2024: Jin wins the prestigious Yamada-Koga Prize from the University of Tokyo for the synthesis of optically active compounds.
2024: Jin wins the IPMI Henry J. Albert Award for contributions to research in precious metals.
2023: Martin joined the Department of Chemistry at NYU as an Assistant Professor [Link];
Han Seul Park accepted a job offer from Enanta;
Shuang Liu accepted a job offer from BMS;
Shaoqun Qian accepted a job offer from Incyte;
Xinpei Cai accepted a job offer from Gilead.
2022: Our Pyridine-pyridone bidentates are now commercialized by Sigma–Aldrich.
2022: Jin receives 2022 Hamilton Award. Congratulations!
2022: Jin-Quan won the ACS Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis.
2022: Congratulations! Zhe Zhuang won the 2022 IPMI Student Award with $5000.
2021: Zhen Wang accepted job offer from Takeda;
Hojoon Park accepted a job offer from Merck;
Yan-Qiao Chen accepted a job offer from Amgen;
Alastair Herron accepted a job offer from Gilead.
2020: Scripps Research has named Professor Jin-Quan Yu,
whose research has paved the way to powerful new techniques used in fields
ranging from drug discovery to materials science, to be the inaugural holder
of the Bristol Myers Squibb Endowed Chair in Chemistry.
2020: Erika received multiple job offers from leading pharmaceutical companies
and will join Gilead. Congratulations!
2020: Jin-Quan was interviewed by World Chemistry magazine. Based on their analyses
on multiple databases, we are the most cited laboratory in the area of C-H
activation. [Link]
2020: Five students successfully defended thesis this year: Keita, Pritha,
Hojoon, Yan-Qiao, Tyler.
2020: Our 100th JACS publications on C-H activation is online: Towards
protecting group free enantioselective C-H activation.
2020: Tyler St. Denis has won a 2020 Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral
Fellowship. Congratulations!
2019: Our H-Index has reached 100 today, meaning we have broken at least
100 important C-H bonds!
2019: Former Ph.D student Marcus E. Farmer has accepted a job offer
from GSK, congratulations!
2019: Keita Tanaka won the JSPS postdoctoral fellowship, congratulations!
2019: Jin-Quan was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2018: Alumni Ramesh Giri, first student of the Yu group, accepted the Weinreb
Professorship at Pennsylvania State University!
2018: Jin-Quan was interviewed at EuChemS (Liverpool) on two challenges in C-H
activation chemistry. click here for a youtube video
2017: Yu lab celebrated their 10th Christmas at Scripps!
click here for a summary of accomplishments
2017: Yongwei Wu has received job offer from Amgen, congratulations!
2017: Tao Liu has received job offer from Eli Lilly (San Diego), congratulations!
2017: Our first publication on Cu-catalyzed diverse C-H functionalizations is listed among the top 10 classic organic chemistry papers in the past decade! (ranked No.3 based on citation)
2017: Our 200th paper happens to be on C-H functionalization of an important pharmacophore!
2017: Three TSRI chemists won Royal Society Chemistry awards in 2017 (Dale: Robert Robinson award; Phil: Merck, Sharp & Dohme Award; Jin: Pedler Award), congratulations!
2017: Colleagues Phil Baran and Ardem Patapoutian were elected to the National Academy Sciences! Congratulations!
2017: Alumni Ramesh Giri, first student of the Yu group, published his first JACS paper!
2017: Our colleague Kim Janda discusses the vaccines he has developed for treating the opioid epidemic with former President Bill Clinton at his annual health care initiative. [Photo]
2017: Jin has been admitted as a Honorary Fellow of Chinese Chemical Society, congratulations!
2016: Pankaj has received a job offer from Novartis, congratulations!
2016: A recent interview with ACS Axial
2016: Anh has received a job offer from Arcus Biosciences, congratulations!
2016: Jin has won the MacArthur Genius Grant , congratulations, Jin!
2016: Ling Chu has won the IPMI Elemental graduate student award, congratulations!
2015: Jian He has won the IPMI student award, congratulations!
2015: Keary M Engle received assistant professorship job offers from multiple places including The Scripps Research Institute, congratulations!
2015: Masayuki Wasa received assistant professorship job offer from Boston College, congratulations!
2015: Xiao-Chen Wang received job offer from Nankai University as the "1000-talent" plan Professor, congratulations!
2014: Brian has received a job offer from Pfizer. Congratulations!
2014: Jillian has received a job offer from Pfizer. Congratulations!
2014: Jin has won the Elias J. Corey Award.
2014: Jian has won the Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award.
2014: Kelvin has won a GEN TEN Award.
2013: Jin has won the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences.
2012: Jin has won the Mukaiyama Award.
2012: Jin has been named an Arthur C. Cope Scholar.
2011: Peter has been granted an EPA STAR graduate fellowship. Congratulations, Peter!
2011: Keary has won a K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award. Congratulations, Keary!