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Applications of our C-H activation reactions

To showcase the utility of our C-H activation reaction in total synthesis, we collaborate with experts on total synthesis (Professors Phil S. Baran, TSRI; Erik J. Sorensen, Princeton; Richmond Sarpong, Berkeley). For applications of our reactions in industry, we work closely with pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry (BMS, Syngenta, Vertex, Pfizer, Eisai, Merck, Abide, Boehringer Ingelheim and Aldrich). We have also co-founded Vividion (with Ben Cravatt and Phil S. Baran) to apply C-H activation to drug discovery.

Applications of MPAA ligands: [Click here]

Applications of MPAQ, MPAO, MPAAm, MPAThio and Pyridine-Pyridone ligands: [Click here]

Applications in the context of total synthesis or drug discovery: [Click here]