My Other Car is a Bike
TSRI bicycle-commuters reap the benefits of two-wheel commuting—including waking up without coffee.

Fair Game: TSRI Employees Bring Home Top Prizes
Honors in gladiolas, goats, and gowns at the San Diego County Fair.

Science Kudos
• An article by graduate student Scott Wolkenberg and Professor Dale Boger has been selected as one of the Chemical Reviews Editor's Choice Articles for 2002.
• Graduate student Jeffrey Johnson has been awarded a La Jolla Interfaces in Science fellowship.
• Graduate students Catherine Barglow, Doug Fowler, and David Lin have won National Science Foundation (NSF) fellowships; William Brenzovich has received an NSF Honorable Mention.

Scientists Clone Protein That Fights Bacteria and Viruses
A team led by Professor Bruce Beutler has identified for the first time a protein that directly responds to our innate immune system's signals in the face of both bacteria and viruses.