TSRI Names Graduate College "Kellogg School of Science and Technology" in Honor or Janet and W. Keith Kellogg II
"We are very pleased to have a name so synonymous with education associated with our institute," says Jeffery Kelly, vice president for academic affairs and dean of graduate studies.

TSRI Research Suggests Powerful Tool for Detection and Treatment of Anthrax
A team led by TSRI Professor Kim Janda has found human antibodies that could enable scientists to determine "very quickly what you have—whether it's a hazardous spore preparation or just plain baby powder."

Dramatic Footage of Immune System at Work Caught on Tape
Using a new technique that allows scientists to see the internal machinery of a living cell, a team of researchers led by investigators Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne and Tomasz Zal, addressed one of the most fundamental issues in immune research: the early events in the immune system's recognition of foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses.



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The Other Side of Drug Discovery

As someone who has spent a large part of his career in the pharmaceutical industry, TSRI investigator Tamas Bartfai is intimately familiar with how drugs are tested and approved—something he says is both an art and a science. (Part 1 of 2.)

Bartfai will deliver the first Skaggs Lecture in Drug Discovery, "Development of Drug Discovery Paradigms in Big Pharma Over the Last 100 Years" on Thursday, April 25, from 5 to 6:30 PM in the Valerie Timken Amphitheater of Green Hospital.