Center Provides Well-Balanced Space for Mass Analysis
The Center for Mass Spectrometry's new facilitiesprovide a separate room for gas tanks, a strip of acoustic material to absorb instrument noise, a raised ceiling above the FTMS machine—and good feng shui.

Sleep to Perform
"It's a fantasy that our circadian clock doesn't matter," said physician and TSRI adjunct associate professor Milt Erman at a recent Lunch and Learn seminar. "We are prisoners of our biological destiny."

Symposium to Honor Professor Peter Vogt
A symposium entitled "Viruses, Oncogenes, and Cancer" will be held March 22 to 24 in honor of TSRI Professor Peter Vogt's 70th birthday.

TSRI Student Wins American Chemistry Society Fellowship
TSRI student Scott E. Wolkenberg of the Boger lab has won a Procter & Gamble fellowship awarded to outstanding graduate students in organic chemistry by the American Chemical Society.


Adding Function to Structure

Three investigators in TSRI's new Center for Integrative Molecular Biosciences (CIMBio)—a chemist, a biophysicist, and a cell biologist—are combining their expertise to attach foreign molecules to modified cowpea mosaic virus. Potential applications for this work range from molecular electronics to measles.