In Brief

Symposium to Honor Professor Peter Vogt
A symposium entitled "Viruses, Oncogenes, and Cancer" will be held March 22 to 24 in honor of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Professor Peter Vogt's 70th birthday. The symposium, which will be held at The Neurosciences Institute Auditorium in La Jolla, will cover a range of topics on viruses, oncogenes, and cancer—fields in which Vogt has made significant contributions. In addition, the symposium will highlight the advances and breakthroughs that have been made with the new genomic and genetic technologies in cancer and aging. To find out more or to register (deadline March 1), go to the symposium's web site.

TSRI Student Wins American Chemistry Society Fellowship
TSRI student Scott E. Wolkenberg of the Boger lab has won a Procter & Gamble fellowship awarded to outstanding graduate students in organic chemistry by the American Chemical Society. Wolkenberg's research interests include the synthesis and evaluation of analogs of the antitumor antibiotics CC-1065 and duocarmycin SA and the scope of cycloaddition reactions involving substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles.

Daffodil Days Fundraiser in Bloom
The American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days fundraiser is under way. Funds raised support cancer research and education in California. The deadline for receipt of all orders and money is Thursday, February 21. Flowers are expected to be delivered on Monday, March 18.

Available for purchase this year are:

  • Bouquet of 10 daffodils, $10.00
  • Bouquet of 10 daffodils with cobalt blue vase, $18.00
  • Vision Arrangement with 20 daffodils and vase, $35.00
  • Spring Arrangement with about 30 daffodils and vase, $60.00
  • Corporate Arrangement w/~50 daffodils and vase, $110.00
  • Gift of Hope to cancer patient, $18.00 (or any amount)

Please make checks payable to The American Cancer Society. The following ScrippsAssists volunteers are available to take your orders:

Sharon Weston (IMM Bldg.)
Gay Wilkins (IMM Bldg.)
Kelly Dryden (MB Bldg.)
Helen Plutner (MB Bldg.)
Paula King (Kresge Library, Stein Bldg.)
Gabriela Perez-Alvarado (Beckman Bldg.)
Valerie Moreau (MEM Bldg.)
Rebecca Mahady (CVN Bldg.)
Toni Lestelle (ICND Bldg.)
Lisa Barker (3300 Bldg.)
Heather Kemlein (3030 Science Park)
Arcy Arellano (CarrAmerica Bldg.)
Sriti Misra (3050 Torreyanna Dr.)
Janet Hightower (BioMedical Graphics)

For further information, contact Janet Hightower, x4-8233 or email

Cafeteria to Feature Chinese New Year Buffet February 12

The TSRI cafeteria will feature a buffet on Tuesday, February 12, from 11 AM to 1:30 PM, in honor of Chinese New Year. The menu includes:

  • Chinese salad;
  • Egg roll;
  • Velvet chicken;
  • Kung pao calamari;
  • Assorted vegetables;
  • Beef with broccoli;
  • Steamed rice;
  • Fortune cookie.

The cost is $4.95 plus tax. Yung's Cafˇ in the 3366 building will be closed that day so staff can help in the cafeteria.

How to Respond to a Workplace Injury

TSRI provides Workers' Compensation benefits to eligible employees who incur work-related injuries or illnesses. The Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group provides medical care for work-related injuries and medical surveillance.

If you require medical care for a work-related injury:

  • Between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, go to the Occupational Medicine Department of The Sharp Rees-Stealy facility, located on the first floor of 8901 Activity Road. The phone number is (858) 653-6150.

  • On weekends, holidays, and the hours of 5PM to 10PM, go to Sharp Rees-Stealy's Urgent Care Center, first floor of 8901 Activity Road. The phone number is also (858) 653-6150.

  • Between 10PM and 8AM, go to the Scripps Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, located at 9888 Genesee Avenue. Maps and directions are available at

In situations where an injury or condition is life-threatening, dial "77" and Security will make the connection to the "911" operator.

Please be sure to report all workplace injuries to your supervisor and Human Resources. Questions can be directed to Kayoko Lindenberger, x4-8501 or e-mail

Supervisors must complete an Occupational Accident/Exposure/Illness Report. This form is available on the Benefits website.

TB Screenings, Hepatitis B Immunizations, and Serum Draws

On Monday, February 11, Wednesday, February 13, and Friday, February 15, personnel from Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group will be on-site to conduct TB screenings, Hepatitis B immunizations, and serum draws. The clinics will be conducted at the Administrative Offices (3301 North Torrey Pines Court) on the P1 level from 11 AM to 2 PM. No appointments are necessary.

TB screening requires a 48 to 72 hour follow-up. Individuals receiving the TB screen on Monday will need to return on Wednesday; individuals screened on Wednesday, will need to return on Friday. Initiation of the TB screening process will not be available on Friday, but Hepatitis B immunization and serum draws will be. To learn more about these programs, see the Human Resources Occupational Medicine web page which includes a map and patient information sheets.

News&Views Off for President's Day

News&Views will not be published next week due to President's Day, Monday, February 18, a TSRI holiday.