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Movie 1.
A T cell expressing CD3 ζ-YFP (green color) makes the immunological synapse with a B cell coated with the agonist peptide. The T cell moves away from the B cell but the cell-cell contact remains in form of a tether. (2.2MB)


Movie 2.
The T cell expresses CD4-YFP (green). B cells, loaded with the agonist peptide, are not visible but present in the field of view. They can be seen in one DIC frame, about 2/3 into the movie. The T cell approaches a B cell lying on the upper right and quickly clusters CD4 in the contact site. Then it migrates away but the contact remains in form of a tether connecting the cells. Note how the cytoplasm of the T cell flows back into the tether. The movie is shown overexposed to better visualize the tether. (1.6MB)


Movie 3.
Multiple synapses formed by a single T cell. This is a 3D rotation of a live T cell expressing CD4-YFP. This cell forms several immunological synapses with agonist peptide-loaded B cells (not visible). The contacts can be seen as the areas on the T cell surface enriched in CD4. (0.3MB)


Movie 4.
This is a 3D rotation of a live T cell-dendritic cell conjugate. T cell expresses CD3ζ-CFP in blue and CD4-YFP in green. DC fluoresces red. Note almost absolute recruitment of CD4 to the synapse area. (0.82MB)


Movies are by Tomasz Zal, Ph.D. and Anna Zal, M.Sc., Scripps 2000

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