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Green Initiative

In many ways The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) conducts its operations with environmentally friendly goals in mind. Our campuses in La Jolla, California, and in Jupiter, Florida, have established “Green Teams” of students, faculty, and support staff who have implemented sustainability programs based on best practices.
Recycling at TSRI is a way of life. We recycle paper, glass, plastic, aluminum (and other metals), cardboard, e-waste, and other items.
TSRI has established goals for conservation of power and water in all of its buildings. Using energy-saving “smart building” technologies for laboratory buildings, the La Jolla campus has significantly reduced consumption of utilities. For example, our electricity consumption in the most recent fiscal year declined by 6 million kilowatt hours, a savings of approximately 7%. Xeriscaping principles and “smart watering” technologies (including use of reclaimed water) are helping reduce the amount of water used for irrigation, too.
Outreach programs extend our green initiatives. The California Green Team hosts an annual open house event, “Green Feat,” in which employees can visit booths of non-profit organizations and environmentally focused companies to learn about the latest and greatest green developments for work and home.