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Research Overview - California Campus

Like The Scripps Research Institute as a whole, research at the institute’s headquarters in La Jolla, California, is focused on finding answers to some of the most critical biomedical questions and, ultimately, to understanding in detail the fundamental processes of life. These discoveries can supply the knowledge and insight necessary for the development of new therapies for a variety of diseases.

Specific areas of scientific investigation include immunology, molecular and cellular biology, chemistry, neurosciences, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, virology, and synthetic vaccine development. Particularly significant is the study of the basic structure and design of biological molecules; in this arena, the La Jolla, California campus is among a handful of the world's leading centers. Research on the campus is organized through a number of departments and centers.

Supporting the scientists’ groundbreaking research is an array of cutting-edge technology, including LINUX high-performance computing clusters, X-ray crystallography laboratories, high performance NMR spectrometry, electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy, a DNA sequencing laboratory, and a fluorescence-activated cell-sorting facility.