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Folding, Misfolding and Assembly at Single-Molecule Resolution

We address key scientific questions in biophysical and molecular and cell biology through the development and application of emerging single-molecule methods. These novel methods provide unprecedented abilities useful for investigating structural distributions and dynamics of complex biological systems (see review). Important aspects of this information can remain hidden in traditional ensemble experiments, which can limit our mechanistic understanding.

We are exploring important areas of biophysics including intrinsically disordered (see paper) and amyloidogenic proteins (see paper), complexity in protein topology and landscapes (see paper), and the mechanisms of RNAi (see paper). Our multidisciplinary research utilizes a broad range of concepts and tools from physics, chemistry and biology to enhance our single-molecule and complementary ensemble studies.

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Recent News and Outreach

  • Allan starts as an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Mediciine.  Congratulations to Allan!
  • Ashok to give lectures in 2014 at Cornell University (Physics), and Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting (on Disordered Motifs and Domains in Cell Control), and in 2015 at Washington University, St. Louis (Biochemistry), the American Physical Society meeting, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting, and a keynote lecture at the Biophysical Society meeting IDP subgroup symposium.
  • Just out in Nature: our paper describing single-molecule studies that revealed strikingly complex patterns of modulation of allostery in a disordered protein, providing a novel biophysical mechanism for tunable cellular function. Congratulations to Allan and our collaborators Peter Wright and Josephine Ferreon. See the paper.  Highlighted in Nature News and Views, Chemical and Engineering News, Cell (Leading Edge Select), Faculty of 1000, and TSRI News and Views.
  • See our review article on protein folding studies at single-molecule resolution, published in Chemical Society Reviews.
  • Ashok to give a keynote lecture at the 2013 Chemical Biophysics Symposium (University of Toronto), invited lectures at the “Physics and Biology of Strongly Fluctuating Proteins” Symposium (University of Maryland) and the Scripps Research Faculty Lecture Series, and a Physical Chemistry Seminar (University of Wisconsin, Madison).
  • Our recent paper directly tests a hypothesis of counteraction between the effects of opposing chemical chaperones on the structural features of α-synuclein. The paper is slated to appear in a special issue of PNAS on the chemical physics of protein folding.
  • A recent paper sheds novel insight into the intricate mechanism of protein amyloid formation.
  • Undergraduate Asha continues her internship in the lab
  • Ashok to give invited talks in 2012 at Gordon Research Conferences (Protein Folding Dynamics; Intrinsically Disordered Proteins; Atomic and Molecular Interactions), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Symposium on Biomolecular Structure, Dynamics and Function), Protein Society Meeting, and Pittcon
  • High-School teacher Lesli does a summer internship in the lab
  • Our recent Nature Methods Paper was highlighted in TSRI Press Release, Nature Methods News and Views, Physics Today Highlight, Faculty of 1000 Must Read Paper, ACS Chemical Biology Spotlight, PSI Nature Structural Biology Knowledgebase
  • Crystal presents to visiting high-school science teachers
  • Allan wins post-doctoral IDP subgroup award at the 2011 Biophysical Society Meeting
  • Allan, Crystal and Ashok speak at the 2011 Biophysical Society Meeting