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Undergraduate Individual Research

Highly motivated and talented, upper-level undergraduates majoring in the biological, chemical and/or psychological sciences can conduct supervised research in the Zorrilla lab for course credit under the auspices of an approved course (e.g, UCSD NEU 199, UCSD BISP 199, UCSD PSYC 199, UCSD Faculty Mentor program, USD Independent Study, SDSU BIO 499, among others).  In addition to meeting all course prerequisites, candidates must have an overall GPA>3.0 and major GPA >3.3, and commit to a minimum of 2 consecutive quarters at >15 hours/week. Undergraduates that successfully complete their initial research experiences in the lab may consider undertaking an honors thesis as part of their university program (e.g., UCSD PSYC 194ABC , USD Honors ).

Additional specialized research opportunities in the lab also are available in affiliation with local universities. UCSD or USD students who are first-generation college students, income-eligible, and/or from underrepresented minorities may seek to conduct research in the lab as McNair Scholars.  Highly qualified underrepresented minority or disadvantaged UCSD undergraduates aspiring to graduate school in the biosciences also can pursue research in the Zorrilla lab as a 2-year, NIH-funded Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Scholar or Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) Scholar. Finally, upper-division UCSD undergraduates that aspire to careers in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), but who have experienced educationally adverse situations or conditions may pursue 2-year research and career development programs as UC LEADS scholars.

Interested candidates should send an email to Dr. Zorrilla that includes 1) their resume/CV, 2) a summary of their relevant coursework and laboratory experience, 3) which aspects of the lab’s research most interest them, and 4) their goals for the research experience and post-graduation. Candidates underrepresented in the field are encouraged to apply.