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Undergraduate Summer Research

In addition to summer research experiences for course credit (see “Undergraduate Individual Research”), several other unique summer research opportunities may be available for qualified individuals.  Candidates from any undergraduate institution may apply for a position in the Zorrilla lab as part of the TSRI or UCSD Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) programs. 

UCSD undergraduates can also seek partial financial or educational support for summer research and career development via the Calit2 Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (Calit2), the Amgen Scholars Program, the California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) Science Program, the UCSD Undergraduate Research Scholarship, or via continuation as a McNair Scholar, MARC scholar, IMSD scholar, or member of the UCSD Summer Research Program. USD Summer Scholars may pursue continuing USD Honors, McNair Scholar or SURE Program research here as well.

Additional funding for undergraduate summer research might be obtained via NIH Research Grant Supplements, NIH Research Experience Programs, or NSF Summer Internships. Candidates interested in any of these opportunities should email Dr. Zorrilla with 1) their resume/CV, 2) a summary of their relevant coursework and laboratory experience, 3) which aspects of the lab’s research most interest them, and 4) their goals for the research experience and post-graduation. Candidates underrepresented in the field are encouraged to apply.