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10 More Comments on Scripps Florida’s 10th Anniversary

“I find it extraordinarily exciting to work with the highly creative scientists who accepted the challenge of establishing this new institute. This pioneering spirit of the faculty and their passion for discovering new medicines will undoubtedly benefit mankind. The environment for drug discovery at Scripps is unique among academic institutions. Besides applying cutting-edge drug screening technology, discovery is facilitated by the mix of brilliant scientists—biologists, chemists, pharmacologists, structural biologists, molecular geneticists—elucidating disease mechanisms and developing therapeutics for disorders such as age-dependent loss of cognitive and physical functions, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and neurodegeneration.

Roy Smith, chair, Department of Metabolism and Aging


"It is truly amazing to look back over the last decade and realize all that the extraordinary partnerships forged among Scripps, the State, the County, FAU and other academic institutions, and the local Palm Beach business community have accomplished to transform the region's economy, education, and healthcare. I'm honored and proud to have been a part of it."

Harry Orf, former vice president of scientific operations, Scripps Florida


“It has been fascinating to see a vision become such an impressive reality. It is a great feeling to have been part of the Scripps "adventure" from the onset.”

Corinne Lasmezas, professor, Department of Infectious Diseases 


“Being at Scripps will make you feel that you are at the forefront of Science! Certainly I have terrific colleagues. I collaborate extensively with them. Needless to say that my colleagues have a major positive impact in my research, not only in shaping my current research program including publications and grant applications but also in exploring completely new avenues.”

Sathya Puthanveettil, assistant professor, Department of Neuroscience, Scripps Florida 


“It is an honor to be a part of a game-changing industry that was brought to my home, my state… Knowing that I have been a small part of discoveries that make this world a better place warms my heart.”

 —Ben Starling, philanthropy officer, Scripps Florida


“I joined Scripps Florida nearly eight years ago after completing my graduate studies in molecular virology and epigenetics. In an effort to position myself to enter an increasingly competitive academic job market, my main goal was to further broaden my research portfolio to include exposure to the various research disciplines and technologies available at Scripps Florida. The mentorship and support provided by the Scripps Florida Cancer Biology department and Office of Philanthropy has been instrumental in achieving my career goals. I am very grateful to the many people at Scripps Florida who befriended me, mentored me and supported me during this time.”

 —Antonio (Tony) Amelio, Howard Temin Fellow, Scripps Florida


“The thing I love most about Scripps Florida is its entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve built it together and have embraced our growth and diversity. We all want to see this enterprise succeed and are committed to supporting our researchers as they make ground-breaking scientific discoveries. I’ve been blessed to work with talented scientists from around the world and look forward to another decade (and beyond) of celebrating the cultural diversity that brings our research to life.”

 —Vanessa Paulman, scholar advisor, International Office, Scripps Florida


“We kind of felt like pioneers venturing into a new frontier in the beginning. We were breaking new ground in the Florida landscape. It’s been so rewarding to be part of the building of Scripps Florida and seeing the original vision come to fruition.”

Kathleen Ryan, executive assistant, Scripps Florida


"The first ten years of Scripps Florida are now complete and working together a lot has been achieved to make this campus of TSRI a success, where staff from all over the world work together toward common goals, making inventions and searching for cures. Looking forward to many more years."

 —Marika Kernick, senior administrative assistant, Scripps Florida


“All I can say is that it has been an incredible journey working at one of the top research institutes in the world. The Scripps Research Institute has become an important part my home state bringing with it, diverse culture and science to our community. I've always had a passion for science and it has been a privilege to work at Scripps Florida with so many fascinating scientists over the last several years. It's inspiring to see this birthing place of science open unlimited opportunities to our next generation. I know that there are many more great discoveries to come and I can't wait to see what the next ten years brings.”

Sarae Copeland, administrative assistant, Scripps Florida 


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