Scientists Find Surprising New Influence on Cancer Genes

A team from the Morris lab shows how DNA sequences long considered “junk” are involved in gene regulation.

Researchers Solve Mystery of Mutations in Antibodies

A collaboration between TSRI and Ohio State University shows immune system molecules are selected to be stable as well as effective.

Scientists Awarded $2 Million to Study Tumor-Inhibiting Proteins

The project, led by Associate Professor Joseph Kissill, aims to identify proteins that play key roles in tumor cell proliferation to find new ways to inhibit tumor growth.

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  • Meth Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Early Tests
  • Research Suggests Caution and Further Studies on Drugs Used to Treat Macular Degeneration
  • Study Suggests Binge Drinking Could Cause Significant Brain Impairment Within Months
  • Researchers Pinpoint Gene Variations Linked to Higher Risk of Bipolar Disorder
  • Scientists Devise New Screening Method to Aid RNA Drug Development Research