Vol 9. Issue 27 / September 21, 2009

Rendina Family Foundation Awards Grant to Spur Research on Glioblastoma - The $150,000 grant will support a postdoctoral fellow in the Scripps Florida Duckett lab.

Scripps Research Investigators Win NIH Recovery Act Funds

Eric Zorrilla to Speak at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Lecture: "Mentoring and Diversity in Science"

Two New Antibodies Found to Cripple HIV

Latest Scripps Florida Collaboration Aims to Reshape Addiction Therapy

A Matter of Practicality

Team Reports Breakthrough in Creating Live Mice from Skin Cells

Scientists Uncover a New Protein Necessary for the Proper Formation of the Immune System

Scientists Find Key Culprits in Lupus

Scientists Uncover Novel Mechanism Controlling Tumor Growth in the Brain

Team Led by Scripps Research Scientists Finds New Way that Cells Fix Damage to DNA

A Potential New MS Treatment's Long and Winding Road

Rare Genetic Disease Successfully Reversed Using Stem Cell Transplantation - A team led by Assistant Professor Stephanie Cherqui corrects a gene defect in mice that causes lethal symptoms in children.