Vol 8. Issue 27 / September 22, 2008

Researchers Find Gene Critical to Normal Hearing - "Previously, we only knew that structural defects of the hair cells could cause deafness," says Bruce Beutler, chair of the Department of Genetics, who led the study with Ulrich Mueller, professor in the Department of Cell Biology. "We were surprised to find that an enzyme for catecholamine inactivation is also required for hair cells to survive."

Alex Bruner Joins Scripps Florida Philanthropy - Alex Bruner, previously executive director for the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, is now associate vice president for philanthropy for Scripps Florida.

David Millar Promoted to Full Professor

Bruce Torbett Receives Tenure

Claudio Joazeiro Wins American Cancer Society Grant

Five Students Selected for ARCS Fellowships

Scripps Research Receives Record Federal Grant of More than $80 Million

Scripps Research Receives Record Federal Grant of More than $80 Million

Probing the Proteome

New Study Solves Structural Mystery of Cellular Protein Transpor

The Globalist

Scientists Reveal Critical Structure from Ebola Virus

Disease-Causing Mutations Reveal Surprising Pattern

Research Unveils New Stabilizing and Signaling Properties of Cholesterol in Key Human Receptors

NIH Awards $20 Million CTSA Grant to Scripps Translational Science Institute

Team Reverses Huntington's Disease Symptoms in Mice - A team led by Assistant Professor Elizabeth Thomas shows that the compound HDACi 4b dramatically improves the physical appearance and motor functioning of Huntington's disease mice.