Vol 8. Issue 23 / August 11, 2008

A Novel Algorithm Makes Accurate Single-Molecule Tracking a Desktop Reality - "Our algorithm allows us to track a molecule with high resolution detail, even under complex conditions," said Khuloud Jaqaman, a research associate in the Danuser lab.

Team Unravels New Cellular Repair Mechanism - A Scripps Research collaboration led by Professor Curt Wittenberg has shed light on a critical repair response that corrects errors in the DNA replication process.

Lawrence Wylie to Head Scripps Florida Environmental Health and Safety - The Wyeth executive brings significant global experience to the position.

Office of Philanthropy Announces New Awards

Johanna Heideker Receives Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Fellowship

Amanda Blasius Wins Cancer Research Institute Support

Jonathan Hollander Wins Young Investigator Travel Award

The Globalist

Scientists Reveal Critical Structure from Ebola Virus

Disease-Causing Mutations Reveal Surprising Pattern

Research Unveils New Stabilizing and Signaling Properties of Cholesterol in Key Human Receptors

NIH Awards $20 Million CTSA Grant to Scripps Translational Science Institute

Scientists Find Seizure Drug Reverses Cellular Effects of Alcohol Addiction in Model

New Patent Covers Broad Class of Promising Chemical Reactions

Scripps Research Celebrates 16th Commencement

Connecting with the Science of the Synapse

New Study Solves Structural Mystery of Cellular Protein Transport - The findings from the Balch, Carragher, and Potter labs could open the door to new therapies for cystic fibrosis and other diseases.