Vol 8. Issue 23 / August 11, 2008

Lawrence Wylie to Head Scripps Florida Environmental Health and Safety

By Eric Sauter

The Scripps Research Institute has announced the appointment of Lawrence Wylie as its new director of Environmental Health and Safety for Scripps Florida.

Wylie, who was an associate corporate director of environmental health and safety at Wyeth, an international biotechnology and pharmaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey, joined Scripps Florida in Jupiter in June.

In announcing the appointment, Harry Orf, vice president of scientific operations at Scripps Florida, praised Wylie's depth of experience.

"The safety and health of our employees is a paramount concern in all our operations," Orf said. "Larry brings a wealth of experience in developing and implementing critically important environmental health and safety programs. He has been with Wyeth since 1991 and his duties have grown to include global responsibility for biosafety, chemical safety, radiation safety, environmental health and industrial hygiene, waste management, and toxicology for Wyeth's operations and 55,000 employees worldwide. We are extremely pleased to welcome him to Scripps Florida."

Wylie attended Michigan State University and received a master's of science from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1980. In 2005, he received his Ph.D. in toxicology from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN.

"I'm very pleased to be joining Scripps Florida," Wylie said. "It represents a unique opportunity to provide the strategic vision and policies and programs for essential environmental stewardship and the critical health and safety technical services in support of for Scripps Florida's research mission."

Wylie is widely published in his profession, and is certified as an industrial hygienist, safety professional, and an environmental assessor. He is a member of American Biological Safety Association, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Occupational Toxicology Roundtable, and the Society of Toxicology.

The former Wyeth executive also brings with him a passionate personal commitment to protecting the community, Scripps Florida scientists, and the vital natural resources of the Palm Beach area. "I'm keenly aware of the environmental concerns of Florida," Wylie said. "Scripps Florida is committed to being a good environmental neighbor to Palm Beach County and the rest of the state. Providing the highest levels of environmental and workplace protection will be my number one priority."

Larry Wylie and his wife, Leela, whose background is also in the pharmaceutical industry, are looking forward to their new life in Florida. "My wife and I are excited about becoming active Palm Beach County residents," Wylie said. "It's a beautiful part of the country, one that has an abundance of both cultural and natural attractions--plus great weather."


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"I'm very pleased to be joining Scripps Florida," says Lawrence Wylie.