Vol 7. Issue 16 / May 14, 2007

New Study Reveals Mechanism Vital to Cell Division Regulation - Professor Gary Bokoch and colleagues find a "missing link" in the process of cell division.

Hot Topz Celebrates "Real World Heroes" - "Through our event we hope to raise money to further the incredible research done at The Scripps Research Institute," says Kathy Yuhl, founder of Desert Rock Productions.

Clare Waterman-Storer Wins Sackler International Prize in Biophysics

Dorian McGavern Wins Burroughs Wellcome Fund Prize




Mixing Basic and Applied Research: An Interview with John Cleveland

On Genetics: An Interview with Bruce Beutler

Playing to Win: An Interview with Ian Wilson on Project Checkmate

Making Life Difficult For Viruses

A Place Called Discovery

Scripps Research Team Dramatically Simplifies Synthetic Production of Potential Pharmaceuticals

Forty Years Young

The Joy of Measurement

The Mountaineer


Understanding Atherosclerosis as "Inflammation Gone Bad" - Professor Linda K. Curtiss looks at atherosclerosis, a major killer in this country, as a chronic inflammatory response.