Vol 7. Issue 16 / May 14, 2007


Clare Waterman-Storer Wins Sackler International Prize in Biophysics
Scripps Research Institute Associate Professor Clare Waterman-Storer has won the 2007 Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics, awarded at Tel Aviv University. The award cites her "seminal contributions" to methodology for quantitative characterization of intracellular dynamics of cytoskeleton and focal adhesions.

"Dr. Waterman-Storer discovered the method of speckle microscopy—a powerful tool for investigation dynamics of intracellular proteins and their assemblies," the Tel Aviv University announcement reads. "She applied this revolutionary method for quantitative biophysical analysis of the major aspects of cell motility, namely, formation of lamellipodia and lamella, dynamics of proteins forming cell adhesions to extracellular matrices, coordinated motion of actin filaments and microtubules. The results of this work created for the first time a solid experimental basis for understanding and modeling the dynamics of intracellular proteins."

Dorian McGavern Wins Burroughs Wellcome Fund Prize

Dorian McGavern, an associate professor in the Molecular and Integrative Neurosciences Department, has won a prestigious award from Burroughs Wellcome Fund, which has named him one of 15 new Investigators in Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease. These highly competitive awards are given to early career U.S. and Canadian scientists.

McGavern's research address questions at the intersection of immunology and neurobiology. He is currently focusing on how the central nervous system can rid itself of a persistent viral infection—which, in humans, can be caused by pathogens such as HIV, herpesvirus, measles virus, and human T-lymphotrophic virus type I.


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