Vol 6. Issue 23 / July 31, 2006

Researchers Unveil Strategy for Creating Actively Programmed Anti-Cancer Molecules - A study led by Associate Professor Subhash C. Sinha and Scripps Research President Richard A. Lerner has produced an anti-cancer targeting antibody, an approach that combines the merits of small molecule drug design with immunotherapy.

Linda Lukasiewicz - Meet Linda Lukasiewicz, now a recruiter in Human Resources.

Lindsey Macpherson Wins NIH Kirschestein Award

Katherine Marcucci Awarded American Heart Association Fellowship

Fundraising Event: "An Intimate Evening with Craig Chaquico"



Scientists Show Prion Disease Agent Can Cause Heart Damage

Researchers Map Infectious Hepatitis B Virus

Blood Work

Study Suggests Virus Uses Pressure to Sense when Full of DNA

Researchers Link Effects of Withdrawal to Compulsive Drug Use and Craving 

Scripps Research Holds 14th Commencement

Still on the Case

Study Results Offer Guidance in Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Immune Response to HIV in the Brain a "Double-Edged Sword"

Lack of a Key Enzyme Dramatically Increases Resistance to Sepsis

Quantum Leap - Associate Professor Phil Dawson is exploring the potential of quantum dots for biological imaging.