Vol 5. Issue 11 / March 28, 2005

Touching Molecules With Your Bare Hands
“We want to be able to understand, communicate, and interact with complex structures in natural ways,” explains Professor Art Olson.

Trey Sato - Meet Scripps Florida Staff Scientist Trey Sato.



CD1 in Prime Time

Cooperation is Key—A New Way of Looking at MicroRNA and How it Controls Gene Expression

Good Molecules Gone Bad: When Interferons Interfere with the Wrong Thing

Scientists Describe Antibody that Neutralizes Most HIV Strains

A Skin Cell Revisited

Molecular Component of Innate Immunity Discovered

A Third Man Identified

The Latest Results for a New Theory About Fragile X Syndrome - Assistant Professor Peter Vanderklish sheds light on the mechanisms that cause fragile X syndrome—the most common inherited form of mental retardation in the United States.