Vol 5. Issue 8 / March 7, 2005

Scripps Research Joins M.D.-Ph.D. Program - “The collaboration [between Scripps Research and UCSD] will offer Medical Scientist Training Program students more options, helping to attract world-class students to both institutions,” says Professor Gerald Joyce.

New Alumni Database Helps Students and Postdocs Reach Out - “There is such a pool of talented people who have been students or postdocs at Scripps Research,” says Program Assistant Ryan Wheeler. “We want them to be able to get in touch with one another.”

Molecular Thermometers on Skin Cells Detect Heat and Camphor


Scientists Describe Antibody that Neutralizes Most HIV Strains

A Skin Cell Revisited

Molecular Component of Innate Immunity Discovered

A Third Man Identified

Jet Lag—Not All in Your Head

A Fresh Look at Cystic Fibrosis

Propagating Immunology

Small Molecule Shuts Off Gene Expression and Keeps Cancer in Check

Good Molecules Gone Bad: When Interferons Interfere with the Wrong Thing - Scripps Research Professor Michael B. A. Oldstone shows how interferon—previously considered to be a protective molecule—doesn’t always help.