Scientists Discover a New Approach for Treating "Misfolding Diseases"
Professor Jeffery W. Kelly and his colleagues in the TSRI Department of Chemistry and The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology have demonstrated a new approach for treating "amyloid" diseases similar to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Five TSRI Chemists in Top 100 Most-Cited List
In a list from ISI Essential Science Indicators, five TSRI investigators—K.C. Nicolaou, Chi-Huey Wong, K. Barry Sharpless, Dale Boger, and Julius Rebek, Jr.—were ranked in the top-100 most-cited researchers in the field of chemistry.

TSRI Named "Heavywight" in Molecular Biology/Genetics
ISI Essential Science Indicators database, TSRI was 12th on a list of the top-15 institutions ranked by percentage of highly cited molecular biology and genetics papers. The list included "heavyweight" institutions "that saw the largest percentages of their molecular biology and genetics papers reach the top-one percent rung in citations."

Snapshot: Brian Bothner
Meet Research Associate Brian Bothner, who's back at TSRI for more.


Picturing Autoimmunity
A former clinician, Associate Professor Luc Teyton seeks to understand the basic mechanisms that cause an immune system to go awry.