TSRI Scientists Succeed in Growing Human Antibodies in Algae
"This is a fast, new, effective way to make human therapeutic proteins," says Associate Professor Stephen P. Mayfield, who conducted the research with Research Associate Scott E. Franklin and TSRI President Richard A. Lerner.

List Wins Carl Duisberg Memorial Award
TSRI Assistant Professor Benjamin List has won this year's Carl Duisberg Memorial Award from the German Chemical Society. The prestigious award is given annually to young investigators in recognition of highly original contributions to all areas of chemistry. List is being honored for his work in the area of asymmetric organocatalysis.

Snapshot: Dan Schrokosch
Meet HVAC mechanic and drag racing champion Dan Schrokosch.




The FAKs of Metastasis
Associate Professor David Schlaepfer studies an intricate group of signaling molecules involved in cell motility and cancer, in particular a protein called focal adhesion kinase (FAK).