Scientists at TSRI Discover Previously Unknown Role for Antibodies
A team of scientists led by Richard Lerner, president of TSRI, have discovered that antibodies have a novel catalytic ability—unique among proteins—which could possibly mean that they do more to protect our bodies than scientists had previously thought.

Scripps Cancer Center Meets Grant Challenge
The Scripps Cancer Center has announced its Planning and Development Council has met a $150,000 grant challenge.

Three TSRI Researchers Make List of Most Cited Authors
TSRI investigators K.C. Nicolaou, K. Barry Sharpless, and Chi-Huey Wong were included in a Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) list of the world's most cited authors, comprising less than one half of one percent of all publishing researchers.

Snapshot: Cheryl Martel
Meet Cheryl Martel, administrative assistant in Telecommunications.


TSRI Watch

New Graduate Students Arrive on Campus

Thirty-seven new students have arrived on campus to start graduate work in TSRI's top-ranked programs.