Cheryl Martel

Position: Administrative Assistant in the Telecommunications Department

Duties: Fielding calls, training new employees on the phones, helping to solve telephone problems, billing, managing TSRI pagers, writing content for Telecommunications web site.

Best Part of the Job: "I love the variety. And I love working with the guys [in Telecommunications]: they're like family."

Started at Scripps: 1993, as a part-time operator.

Background: Emergency communications dispatcher ("I answered the 911 calls"); Mountain Bell customer service representative.

Greatest Accomplishment: "My six boys, although I can't take too much credit for my step-son."

How she managed raising five young children: "I guess I was just lucky. They're great kids."

Extracurriculars: Rollerblading. Learning to use a motor and circular saw so she can do woodworking projects for her house in Temecula.



Cheryl Martel loves the variety in her job. (Photo by Mika Ono.)