William O. Weigle, 1927 - 2001
Noted immunologist William O. Weigle, one of the founders of TSRI, died on August 11, leaving a legacy of scientific discoveries and a commitment to the institution.

TSRI Researchers Stop Prion Infections in Cell Culture
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Professor Dennis Burton and Assistant Professor Anthony Williamson are authors of an article in the current issue of Nature that describes an antibody that arrests prion infections in cell culture, a finding that may lead to a treatment for mad cow disease.

TSRI Paper Ranks Tenth on Most-Requested List
A paper by TSRI Professor Carlos Barbas ranks tenth on a recent list of most-requested chemistry documents posted on Chemical Abstracts Service's new website, Science Spotlight.

TSRI Summer Sports Leagues: Tradition for Some, Whole New Ball Game for Others
Softball, bowling, and golfing bring together veteran players and neophytes from across campus.

Snapshot: Michelle Roberts
Meet TSRI's technology development coordinator.


A Hard Boiled Look at Metastatic Remodeling Molecules

Professor James Quigley looks for molecules that allow a human tumor cell to migrate to and survive in a different organ.